Functional, decorative, holiday, Christmas and other types of lighting garden

Lighting a garden plot – this section landscape design, who is responsible for remote highlighting all the important sites gardening area. Lighting plot plays like a feature garden decoration, and is responsible for its safety. In order to design a lighting plot and select for this lighting, it is better to use the help of experts, because. with good lighting you can remove the minor flaws of the garden and highlight its attractions.

Освещение садового участкаToday, there are a number of types of lighting, each of which will beautify your yard and with a good draft, make it unique and inimitable. Let's see, what types of lighting are the most popular and used.

Security or emergency lighting of the site and the house

дежурное освещение

This type of lighting is for the protection of the territory during the absence of the owners, and in fact in the night time, when they sleep. Lighting, often, are the projectors different sizes, built-in motion sensors. When driving on the illuminated area of the vehicle or a person, the sensor triggers and turns on the spotlight. This method simultaneously serves as a guard, which deters enemies, and as a means of saving electricity (because. shines only as needed). As for the places, security lighting, they include the perimeter of the territory, zone, under surveillance, garage, etc.

Functional lighting of the site and the local area

Функциональное освещение участка

The photo is an example of functional lighting area path lights.

This type of coverage area is used for the safe movement of farm territory in the night time. Lighting made garden paths, stairs, bridges and other elements, employees to move around the garden. You need to choose and place lighting so, what would they fit into the overall landscape design and unobtrusive stressed all of his dignity. Ideal lawn lamps for lighting garden paths, because. their light does not strike the eye and creates a small lighted circuit track. As for the high poles for lighting, they don't always fit into the overall composition of the garden and makes it more strict, which dampens the coziness. It is worth noting, the functional lighting of the site must be easy to use, durable, year-round and economical. Regarding the latter, this lighting will be correct install solar-powered lights or lamps with motion sensors.

Decorative lighting plot

На фото пример красивого оформления пруда декоративными, шаровидными светильниками, плавающими по поверхности воды.

The photo is an example of the beautiful design of the ornamental pond, spherical lamps, floating on the water surface.

The main objective of decorative lighting is different from the above types. The main difference is that, it is not for security during the movement of the night, and for the decoration of the garden. Options lighting there is very, very much, namely:

  • Glowing, phosphate stones
  • Glowing garden figures
  • Fiber optic
  • Decorative lamps

With the help of decorative lighting you can play with light colors, stressing ornamental plants, fountains, sculpture. You to make an ordinary gazebo cozy corner for romantic pastime. This kind of lighting goes well in composition with other types of garden ornaments, this means, your garden will be in harmony not only in the night time, but during the day.

Architectural and artistic illumination of the facade of the house

Фото пример архитектурного освещения фасада дома, коттеджа.

Photo sample of architectural lighting of the facade of the house, cottage.

A vivid example of architectural lighting plot is flood lighting. It covers the entire facade of the building, making it unique, compared to the standing rows of dark houses. Architectural and artistic lighting is as decorative element adjoining territory and requires the work of specialists, because. wrong placement and size of lighting fixtures will make the front of your garden ridiculous.

Christmas lighting house facade

На фото показано простое праздничное освещение контуров фасада дома одной лентой - гирляндой.

The photo shows a simple illumination of the contours of the facade of the home as a ribbon garland.

In order, that would create a festive atmosphere in your plot, there holiday or Christmas lighting of the facade of the cottage and garden. It is used for outline lighting of the building facade with neon and led strips. So it is possible to illuminate not only the building, but ornamental trees in the garden and various sculptures, which in this light will really create a sense of celebration, as owners, and the guests and bystanders.

9 photo examples of jewelry of the local area and facade of the house with garlands, new year and Christmas, Yes, and all winter you can leave this decoration.

Top night lighting garden, lighting plot from the bottom up

Верхняя подсветка садового участка, деревьев в саду.

Top illumination of the garden plot, trees in the garden.

Прожекторы для освещения ландшафта, подсветки деревьев и кустарников снизу светодиодами.

Spotlights for landscape lighting, illumination of trees and shrubs from below with LEDs.

This kind of lighting is used, to emphasize the relief of objects in the garden, pergola, bamboo etc. The finished lighting looks pretty attractive, but you should know, what lighting fixtures should be placed at a small distance from the lighting object, not under it, otherwise the beauty of this idea lighting you will not achieve the.

Фото пример использования в основном только верхней подсветки в саду, что согласитесь, довольно эстетично и аккуратно.

Photo is an example of using mainly only the upper illumination in the garden, agree, quite aesthetically pleasing and neatly.

Bottom lighting in the garden – from the top down

Классические фонари ночного освещения

Classic lights lower night lighting.

На фото продемонстрирована нижняя ночная подсветка садового участка, вместе с не большой верхней подсветкой сада у ручья и фонтанов.

The photo demonstrates lower night lighting of a garden plot, along with not a great upper illumination of the garden by the brook and fountains.

Нижняя креативная подсветка садового участка со ступенькой и переходом на уровень ниже, лампами - шарами - вазонами.

Lower creative lighting garden step and transition to a lower level, lamps – balls – vases.

In this case, everything is exactly the opposite, in relation to the upper light – the light should be directed downwards. Highlight lower highlight steps, track and other places, no lighting which may endanger the safe movement in the night.

На фото показан сад при фонарях, как еще один вариант романтического освещения всей территории участка в одном стиле.

The photo shows the garden at the lights, as another option of romantic lighting throughout the site in the same style.

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