Fusion is one of the most recent styles of interior, because. emerged in the late 20th century. Its main idea: to combine the basic elements of all existing styles. There is no focus on functionality of the room, as in the style constructivism and minimalism, but at the same time there is no excessive decorative load, as in the style Baroque, Gothic, sea.

Most often, the fusion is used by people with creative thinking and active life position. To create the interior of the fusion will need indoor small size, because. in addition to combining styles, fusion means a combination of rooms with their visual zoning (bedroom with living room, kitchen with dining area, hallway with living room, etc.).

To give specific features of fusion is very difficult, because. his whole personality is a set of conflicting styles, which is correct if the work of the designer will be in harmony with each other.

That You would understand., what is fusion in the interior, provide his basic ideas:

  • Antique furniture, is the main element of the decor in the background of the undecorated plain walls.
  • The zoning of the premises through various walls: one wall is covered with a plastic, another oshtukaturivanija, the third finished with wooden panels.
  • Antique statue, set around a bright modern sofa.
  • The walls of the room decorated with the following set of accessories: vintage bronze figurines, animal skins, bright prints on the walls, classic lamp.

This is only a part of those ideas, which was translated into reality by the designers. We offer to your attention photo of the fusion style in the interior, what would you could clearly see all the creativity of this style:

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