Gothic, as an architectural style has gained popularity in Western Europe, XIII-XV centuries. The main feature of the Gothic style in interior design is the desire of all design elements up, therefore, the ceilings in the room must be high. It should also be noted, that the Gothic style peculiar sharpness and at the same time ease of construction.

As for the color palette the Gothic style in the interior, the main colours are dark red, brown, black, blue and yellow. In addition, the main tone of the room complement the silver and Golden threads.

The main materials, used in creating the interior rooms, are leather, tree, natural stone, metal and glass.

Wall, as a rule, finished wood panels or mosaic. The ceiling is a beamed ceiling. Floor slab is the flooring.

Furniture in Gothic style made of cedar, oak, walnut and pine. The main feature of the furniture is her desire up: the backs of chairs and cabinets high. Welcome woodcarving, as well as furniture decoration bronze hardware.

The Gothic style in the interior also implies the presence of Lancet arches, large elongated Windows in a metal frame and hard wood doors.

Accessories, complement the interior in the style of Gothic must be the trunks, chandeliers of the times of chivalry, and as fireplace stone.

It should be noted, what the Gothic style in the interior need to turn the apartment into a luxurious castle. Such a transformation is very difficult to achieve, so often the modern interior includes some Gothic elements.

We offer to your attention photo of the Gothic style in the interior:

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