What make the basis of an artificial pond with his hands?

The most difficult stage of creation of artificial pond is the creation of the base of the reservoir (bowl). Today, there are many materials from which to do their own basin and we will now consider the most popular materials.

Materials to build an artificial pond

The most simple and cheap way to create the bowl of an artificial pond is to purchase a ready-made molds. Now the market of building materials and accessories for landscape design offers buyers, like a cheap plastic mold, and higher quality capacity of optical fiber. The disadvantage of plastic molds is the low durability, what can be said about the forms of fiberglass.

Готовая чаша для водоема

Ready basin

Another way to create a Foundation for an artificial reservoir is sealing the pit film. In this case, it is of sufficient quality waterproofing artificial pond, the installation of which does not take much time. You should pay attention to, the film coating of an artificial pond you can use an ordinary plastic film, PVC film and butyl rubber. The cheapest and short-lived material is a plastic film, it is recommended to create a temporary artificial pond. More high-quality and durable material waterproofing – PVC film (polyvinyl chloride), which is the most popular material waterproofing of reservoirs to date. The durability of the PVC film ranges from 10 to 15 years, that at least 5 times the durability of polyethylene film. Well, the most resistant to mechanical and chemical impact is a butyl rubber. This material has a high price, so it's less common in the construction business and landscape design. Despite this, advantages of butyl rubber are ease of installation and high durability (over 50 years).

Пленка ПВХ в качестве основания водоема

PVC film as the base of the reservoir

Another economical way to create the Foundation of an artificial pond it self fill concrete bowl. In this case, material costs equal to the cost of buying ready-made molds, but the durability of the concrete artificial pond far above plastic. In order to make the basis of an artificial pond made of concrete, it is necessary to erect formwork, lay the rods of rebar and pour concrete solution. The disadvantage of concrete reason is the complexity of the work.

Заливание бетонной чаши для водоема

Pouring concrete bowl for the reservoir

Well, the most modern way to create the Foundation of the artificial pond is the covering of the pit liquid rubber. In this case, using special liquid polymers, which are applied to the earth's surface layers, that allows you to create a pond of any shape. The advantage of the liquid rubber is a high durability material (about 50 years), the resistance to mechanical damage and environmentally friendly material. But at the same time the disadvantages are high price products and of the need to recruit specialists, because. styling liquid rubber requires skills in working.

Жидкая резина в качестве основания водоема

A liquid rubber as the base of the reservoir

The list of materials to create an artificial reservoir ends. As you can see, at different material costs can be choose suitable materials to create the bowl of the pond with his hands!

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