How to make wooden garden bridge with your own hands: instructions and tips for building

One of the most attractive and unusual small architectural forms for a suburban area is the bridge. It can be found only in those country districts, owners who have the creativity, visionary and in rare cases just luck, if their site runs a narrow pond. Building a bridge with your own hands is not a huge work, and its decorative feature is sure to attract the attention of guests, so check the below given information and, plucking inspiration, make this wonderful build at his dacha!
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The purpose of a garden bridge

Another long time, in the East, the bridge was not only a functional purpose, as the crossing, but also decorative and even spiritual function. The Japanese sure, that garden bridge is an intermediary between our world and the cosmos, and that all the problems, which occur in a person in life, you need to decide and think about standing on the bridge.

Садовый мостик на дачном участке

Garden bridge at your summer cottage

If you have on your summer cottage small pond, natural pond or stream, located in the middle of the garden plot, the construction of the bridge will be the only solution for that, that you could cross to the other side of the coast, this inherent and functional part of garden bridge.

Today, experts in the field of landscape design began to actively use the bridge as an unusual element of the decor of the garden plot. Moreover, what would the presence of a bridge in the country raises questions, designers intentionally create narrow, extensive water obstacles in the form of artificial ponds, through which and erect garden bridges.

In addition to ponds, garden bridges can pass through more decorative elements, such as dry Creek or small ravine.

Material to create a garden bridge

The most common, aesthetically pleasing and inexpensive material for the construction of a garden bridge with your own hands is a tree. In addition to the above advantages, wood has the following advantages:

  • Eco-friendly material
  • Relatively long-lasting durability, if advance handle protective antiseptic means
  • Ease of Assembly/disassembly
  • Light weight design (for the bridge it plays an important role)
  • Wood fits almost any garden style, especially in landscape and country

Because of this the number of pluses and almost no minuses, we instructions will also tell you about, how to make wooden garden bridge with your own hands!

Деревянный садовый мостик

Wooden garden bridge

In addition to the wood, a garden bridge is often made of metal, natural stone and concrete. The lumber is better than wood just because, I have a longer service life.

Metal garden bridge, made with the use of curly wrought, perfectly decorate the garden area and will make the appearance of the bridge more luxurious.

Металлический садовый мостик

Metal garden bridge

If you use concrete and natural stone for the manufacture of garden bridge, you will not only lose a significant amount of material resources, but will the chance to make this architectural form with your hands, because. you will need the help of experts. A significant disadvantage of this bridge is its weight, which will have a very serious approach to the issue of strengthening the soil, on which to build the bridge, otherwise it will start to creep and the design can be mislaid.

Садовый мостик из природного камня

Garden bridge made of natural stone

The advantage of the bridge made of concrete and natural stone in its rich vintage look, which perfectly complement the antique garden style.

Experienced gardeners and handicraft masters are recommended to implement a combination of styles, which will "kill two birds with one stone". For example, if you make the base of the bridge of reinforced concrete, the bridge will be strong and sustainable, and the railings made of wood, then the construction will become more attractive. With the same success use a more popular combination metal-wood.

Where to place a garden bridge?

Since a garden bridge is an unusual architectural form, which you can add to the garden, it is recommended to place it in the same unusual place. If it serves only a decorative function, install it in the backyard, making a little surprise for garden visitors.

In the foreground you can also place a garden bridge, if you use decor gardening area in dry Creek, by stone garden and mixborders.

Садовый мостик через сухой ручей

Garden bridge over dry Creek

Functional garden bridge you want to place in place, where it will be most in demand, removing a feature and not a little to the background.

Very good solution would be to install garden bridge near area, that would be after a walk, completed bridge, you can relax with a Cup of tea in the gazebo or the barbecue area.

It is not recommended to connect the shores of the round pond by the bridge, it will look ridiculous and will only worsen the overall composition of the garden. Remember, the most successful location of the bridge is the connection of the narrow banks of a pond or reservoir.

If you create an artificial pond, make in the middle of the pond a small island, that forward garden bridge.

Very ridiculous it will look in the location of the large garden bridge under a little tree, and Vice versa.

The most attractive will look slightly curved garden bridge, near which carefully planted low-growing perennials and ornamental shrubs.

What to consider, creating a bridge with your own hands?

When you create a garden bridge with your own hands, you must first take care of the security measures.

Because the height of the bridge will exceed the level of the soil, be sure to pitch the railing, height, comfortable for a person of average height. The railing must be secured firmly, that they were sustainable.

Далеко не безопасный садовый мостик

Not safe garden bridge

Another requirement is good lighting of the bridge, because. walks will be at most in the evening. It is recommended to mount the lights in the wooden flooring of the bridge or set the lanterns along the contour of the garden paths and the bridge. A good option for summer is to install a bridge over a lantern on a pole or decorative solar lamps.

Well, the last of the most important security measures, you should consider, creating a bridge with your own hands – decking the bridge should be made from non-slip materials, because. during a rain it is possible to threat of injury, passing through this building. In order, that would make the flooring less slippery, it is recommended to be mounted in a rubber insert, or make incisions manually, in the form of ledges.

How to make a wooden bridge with your own hands?

To create a garden bridge with your own hands is not anything complicated, and the process takes no more than 1 day, we will confirm it according to the video lesson:

Video example of creating a wooden garden bridge with your own hands

The first thing you need to prepare a place for garden bridge. For this coast strengthen by means of compacted gravel or cobblestones. On the prepared slopes must be parallel to lay down two strong wooden bars, the distance between the bars will determine the future width of the bridge. At those points, where the wooden bars are stuck to the ground, it is necessary to carry out waterproofing. Minimum hydro – processing of wood with antiseptic protective agents, wrapping with tar paper or smearing of melted bitumen.

After, as bars are processed and Packed, go to their reinforcement, for this your hair to the bars hammered metal pegs on top and the feet are attached flight bars (their length equals the length of the bridge). Span bars can also be fixed with metal clips.

Простейшая схема создания садового мостика своими руками

The simplest scheme to create a garden bridge with your own hands

Next, go to create flooring. For this across the longitudinal planks nailed boards, thickness not less than 3 cm. On top of the boards are mounted clamping bars. Do not forget about security measures and immediately when creating a flooring take care of the cancellation of its slipperiness.

Once the deck is created, it remains only to make the rail and hold the light bridge. The most simple type of railings is mounted vertically bars (in length 1 meter), at a distance of about 30-40 cm from each other along the long sides of the bridge. These top bars to secure another bruski, only horizontally this is and will be railing. Remember, the railing must be strong and sustainable, so do not spare screws for their fixation.

After, as the design of the bridge will be made, it remains only to decorate it to taste and to elevate outdoor lanterns.

As you can see, to create a garden bridge with your own hands does not represent any particular difficulties and skills in the construction. All you need is dedication, a little time and imagination!

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Video example of creating a wooden garden bridge with your own hands
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