How to make a grotto with a waterfall with your hands?

There are many ideas for decorating the garden plot, located on the slope. The most impressive and unique are those, which are not only difficult to do with their hands, but you want to enable the full power of creative thinking. Among the popular types of decoration of the suburban area on the slope of isolated Alpine slide, retaining wall and grotto. It is the last and will now be discussed.

The grotto: the essence and purpose for the suburban area

Грот с водопадом

A grotto with a waterfall

Called a grotto a small cave on the slope, which serves as decor landscape design and as a place for solitude and observing all the beauty of the garden. The application of the grotto was popular for a long time, when they settled not only their own courtyards, but urban streets and squares.

Вид грота на дачном участке

The grotto at their summer cottage

Basically, the grotto is latent and inconspicuous, whatever your location was not easy to find, that will allow you to actually be alone with somebody or even with yourself. To hide the grotto use a lot of design ideas – planted vines, hide near other garden buildings or even hidden behind a waterfall. We liked the last idea, and so now we want to provide you with instructions to create a grotto with their hands in the form of a small waterfall.

Immediately it should be noted, that hiding the grotto from the eyes of the visitors have gone far in the past. Today, designers make all sorts of efforts, what would the grotto was not only "highlight" of a garden plot, but and uniquely decorated the entire area around him.

In order, to enhance the beauty of a garden plot, the grotto is combined with such elements of landscape design, as Alpine slide, arch, ponds, garden bridges etc.

You need to pay your attention to the fact, that grotto should not its kind to flood the whole of the territory, because. in addition to his garden will beautify and other small architectural forms, which invested all your fantasy and desires.

So, to move, how to create a grotto with a waterfall with your hands.

How to create a grotto with a waterfall with your hands

Before providing instructions, you should pay your attention to a few preliminary nuances, which will also make the build process easier.

A set of tools and materials to create a grotto

Among the required materials and tools you will need:

  • Spray paint
  • Shovel
  • Knife
  • Building level
  • Natural stone medium size (preferably limestone)
  • Overflow
  • Waterproof phenogenetic and agrodan
  • Water pump average power
  • Hose
  • Low-growing plants, suitable for your region and who are able to live in a humid environment
  • Fertile soil
  • Impervious cladding
  • Pebbles and stones are small

Possible, need some more tools, but these are the most important, you have to make a grotto with a waterfall with their hands will be difficult.


The grotto

What to consider, when creating a grotto with his hands

There are a few simple, but at the same time, important nuances, you need to consider when creating a grotto with his hands, among them:

  • Be sure to build a grotto on the spot, visible for visitors, because. this building will be able to decorate the area in the most appropriate way, the more, if this slope.
  • Use the recommendations and requirements of SNiP (building regulations)
  • Don't forget, that the water pump will need electricity, therefore, if there is a variety of accommodation options grotto, choose the, which is closer to the mains.
  • As mentioned earlier, the plants should be water-loving and are suitable to your region, don't forget it, or the appearance of the grotto will be unattractive on the background of sawalih plants or empty soil.
  • The Council, who likes to pick up stones and carry them with their own hands: keep your backs straight and lifting heavy weight work only with the feet (sat – got up), if the back is bent, the creation of the grotto stop because of the broken lumbar. It is best to use a wheelbarrow and throw stones, using a crowbar as a lever, in a pinch, call for help a couple of friends.

The technology of creating a grotto with a waterfall with your hands

So, proceed to the creation of the grotto with his own hands. The first thing to look for a suitable location for the caves (remember, it must be the slope), once found, using spray paint to mark up the border of the waterfall and the pond.

Как выглядит грот с водоемом и водопадом

Looks like a grotto with pond and waterfall

Further, with bayonet shovels remove the soil (the markup) at the appropriate depth. That would "kill two birds with one stone" leave the soil along the contours of the reservoir: this removes the need for the removal of soil, as well as do border for the reservoir, which in the future will be posted plants.

Then extend the hose from the top of the waterfall (source) to water pump, which be placed directly in the pond.

Now go to the overflow. This building is a small box, having one side lower than the other and serving for, what if some water was poured down, forming a waterfall effect. Overflow, as you may have guessed, must be installed on the top of the slope, after making a corresponding recess for limestone, which will serve as the sub-genres for the overflow. When the stone and overflow will be laid, formed the mold for them, which we need at this stage, therefore, overflow stone and yet extracted from the top of the waterfall.

In the resulting deepening it is necessary to lay agrotextile, zastelil they and the pond. The purpose of AGROSALON is to protect the lining membrane from damage. This veneer must be laid on top of AGROSALON and around the perimeter to secure the stones.

Next, use a water-resistant phenogenetic. It is necessary to squeeze out on-site installation of flagstone (on the slope), whatever the stone is securely fixed and does not leak water. Please note that, the limestone must stand horizontally, otherwise better align the surface.

After that glue overflow to a limestone, using all the same pedogenetic. As a small part of the limestone must be glued on top of the overflow, to disguise it.

After, as the source of the waterfall will be done, the sealant will need to dry for half an hour. At this time, you can go to the creation of an artificial pond.

Install the water pump into the reservoir, which is covered with impervious material. Then do the contours of the reservoir, using the stones are small, which also put on the sealant. The bottom of the reservoir fall asleep a small layer of small pebbles. To create more decorative grotto you can use decorative pebbles, where slept the contours of the reservoir.

Using a knife, make a hole in the overflow, what would it could go the hose – pump is connected with overflow. Now you can fill the reservoir with water, connect pump to the mains and do the first run. About, how to use a water pump review special article, where the same given all the information on their choice.

Well, in the end, planted ornamental plants along the contour of the pond and enjoy a piece of unspoiled nature in the suburban area.

At the same time building a grotto with a waterfall with your hands is considered over. As you can see, the process is quite time consuming and requires some skill, so the wizard may not even need.

It should also be noted, building a grotto waterfall requires considerable material costs, most of which requires high-quality water pump. But what kind of money are we talking, if as a result of the work you'll see a handwritten creation on the dacha!

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