The classical style is a smart, simple style, completely contrary to the architectural style Baroque. Most often the interior in the style of classicism created by people of high social status, therefore, no toxic paints and exotic accessories in the room can not be discussed.

It should be noted, the classical style the characters of some elements antique style, that is what creates the luxury and elegance of the room.

The characteristic features of classicism in interior design are:

  • Color palette: dominated by the white, beige, brown and black color. Also in design you can use these colors, blue, pale yellow, red. Additionally, the main background is decorated with trim gold.
  • Wall even, plastered in one color, without any extra accessories (the exceptions are pictures and mirrors). It is not excluded cording to the walls expensive fabric.
  • The ceiling the same needs to be plastered. Additionally, you can use the ceiling trim moldings of antique subjects.
  • As flooring used parquet from valuable breeds of a tree.
  • Furniture wooden, covered with expensive cloth or leather. In addition, it is recommended to carry out the finishing of wooden elements with gilding or carving.
  • Lighting presented in luxurious crystal chandeliers and bronze candle holders.
  • Accessories the interior of the classical style can be: the columns in the antique style, fireplaces, luxury carpets, pictures, mirror, bookshelves, porcelain figurines.

Photo of classicism in the interior is provided in this photo gallery:

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