Art Nouveau is considered to be one of the most popular styles of interior. Its distinguishing feature, compared to other styles, is the use of flowing curved lines in the decoration of the room, furniture and elements of decor.

In order to register the apartment in art Nouveau style, you must have some free space. The main idea of modern style in the interior – a complete rejection of straight lines, peculiar constructivism and minimalism.

Typical features of art Nouveau are:

  • Color palette. Mostly pale shades, acting in contrast with the more vivid. Preference should be given to such colors, as: white, beige, pink, brown, black.
  • Materials. For modern style, you need to use only natural materials, such as stone, tree, metal, glass, leather.
  • Wall it is recommended to paste Wallpaper with floral ornaments or decorate decorative plaster.
  • As flooring well-proven flooring dark color.
  • The ceiling can be plastered, and can be decorated with wood-panelled winding forms.
  • On furniture it is necessary to dwell in more detail. First, furniture should be distressed, either actually vintage. Second, material for the manufacture of furniture should be wood or forged metal. Third, furniture should be placed at an angle.
  • Accessories interior art Nouveau should be bronze lamps, mirrors on the walls, statues of wrought iron, elegant chandelier and lots of squiggly lines on the doors, the floor, the walls.

We offer to your attention photo of the art Nouveau style in the interior:

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