Some original ideas for creation urns with his own hands

Usually a suburban area makes a variety of garden structures and small architectural forms, complementary landscaping of the territory. It is not strange, but most owners of a suburban area forget one very useful item, as a garbage bin. The urn is not only a capacity, serves to collect various debris, but also the small architectural form, correct design is unique which will beautify the garden area. In addition, the ballot box is an indicator of the culture of the owners, which defines the relationship not only to the garden, but, in General, to the environment. About, how to make the litter box with your hands, we now discuss!
Креативная урна своими руками

Creative urn with his own hands

Buy a box or make your own hands?

Урны от производителей

Boxes from manufacturers

If you do not have creative thinking and imagination, but still want to equip a suburban area a couple of beautifully decorated urns, you can buy them in any specialized store. Today, manufacturers of garden sculptures and small architectural forms provide consumers with the following types of boxes:

  • Metal (chrome) – suitable for decorating the city streets, entrances to the stores, office building, banks etc. Suburban area to build chrome boxes is recommended only in high-tech style.
  • Metal (forged) – this type of litter bins, as well, choice for decorating parks, urban gardens and streets. To give wrought iron urns are a very good option, because. their views are always original and striking. The lack of forged metal boxes – the high price.
  • Concrete – this type of urns, the correct choice of the external pattern will fit in the antique garden. Their advantage is high durability and a luxurious look. Disadvantage – high cost and weight (the concrete box is difficult to move from place to place).
  • Plastic ballot box – the most economical option litter bins. Because of its low price and wide range of colors, is popular with truckers. The drawback of plastic bins – cheap appearance, which very often degrades the overall composition of the garden plot.
  • Wood urns – products, made of wood with engraving and varnishing very luxurious decorate garden, giving it a touch of elegance. Problem wood urns – low durability, although if the tree in advance to handle the antiseptic, this disadvantage fades into the background.

Trash receptacle with his own hands: original ideas to create and design

Create urns with his own hands has the following advantages:

  1. You save material resources
  2. You raise your level of creation of fakes with your hands
  3. Create urns with his own hands brings satisfaction and develops imagination
  4. You can do the urn of appropriate size, form, color, style

As you can see, the benefits of creating urns with his own hands a significant, therefore, in this work there is a sense. In order to inspire you to create boxes, present to you some original ideas:

Idea # 1 – Urn of tires

Create bins of tires will take quite a bit of time.

Урна из автомобильной покрышки

Urn of tires

To start looking for a worn tyre (at least 2), wash them from dirt and dry. After that, pasted together metal straps (inside) and the outer joint closed by a piece of inner tube, or something suitable. In the end, paint the finished product is a bright color and set the urn in the right place, preferably the Playground.

Idea # 2 – ballot box from scrap materials

For making boxes with their hands can approach anything – a wooden barrel, plastic or metal bucket, air filter from the truck etc. What is fundamental to decorate a suitable material. You can use wooden fence, planted on the glue, foam, from which you can further cut shapes, as well as regular paint.

Provide you with the most interesting photos are examples of urns improvised:

Idea # 3 – Urn with lid

In order, that would be in the trash did not get rain water, but the process of removing the debris from the urn was faster and easier, it is recommended to add to the standard design of the urn a small visor and a stand with a rotating axis tilting capacity.

In this example, we will provide you with the design of the urn, made from the following materials:

  • Car drive 1 PCs.
  • Housing street lamp 2 PCs.
  • Nuts and bolts 2 kit
  • Metal channel 40*20 mm 2 PCs.

To create this urn, we need a welding machine, spanners for bolts and nuts of the appropriate size, paint, brush.

Example photo of this urn will replace all the necessary explanations on the creation of the urn:

Самодельная урна

Homemade urn

Here we have provided the most original versions of the ballot boxes to give their hands. Wish you more creative ideas and recommend you to read the article how to make birdhouse their hands!

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