Cleaning of water bodies (pool, pond and fountain) in the country by chemical means

Chemical cleaning contributes to the disinfection of water in artificial reservoirs, and prevents sludge, algae, mold and mildew. Today there is a wide range of chemicals, who are able to quickly and efficiently clean not only the basin, but the pond, fountain and other artificial water reservoirs in the suburban area. Now we will talk about, what kind of chemicals are most effective for clean water with their hands.

The use of chemicals for cleaning of artificial reservoirs

Очистка водоемов  на даче химическими средствами

Cleaning of water bodies in the country chemical means

Among the most popular artificial hydraulic structures in the suburban area isolated pools, fountains, decorative (uninhabited) and fish ponds. To clean each of the types of artificial reservoirs requires an individual approach and certain chemicals. For example, to clean the fish pond prohibited the same drugs, used to clean swimming pools. In this case it is necessary to use a more gentle chemicals. Next, we consider the features of cleaning water of various types with their hands, but I'll also give the most effective chemical means.

Chemical to clean pool water

Чистая вода в бассейне

Clean water in the pool

Chemical water treatment the pool involves the disinfection of water, regulation of level of acidity, protection of water against the formation of algae and sludge, cleaning rusty and green water, as well as removing lime scale on the walls of the bowl.

To chemical agents for water purification in the pool special requirements. Since water is used for bathing, chemicals should not be aggressive and in any case should not contribute to skin damage or even organs.

Initially it is necessary to adjust the acidity of the water, because. increased or reduced acidity leads to changes in the color of the water, the formation of algae and exposes damage to human skin. The normal levels of acidity of the water in the pool range from 7,2 to 7,6. That would raise or lower this figure use a special pH Adjusters water: "PH-minus and PH-plus".

Disinfection of water is carried out using chlorination, which can be long-term, and instant (shock therapy with shock-chlorine).

For quick cleaning of the pool using special coagulants, contributing to the adhesion of microparticles dirt into flakes, which can easily to remove manually.

More about chemical agents for water purification in the pool you can see: means of disinfection of the pool with their hands.

Chemicals to clean the water in the fountain

Очистка воды в фонтане

Water treatment in the fountain

As a decorative fountain is not intended for people to swim and fish and plants, the chemicals to clean it can be more aggressive. Despite this, often to clean the fountain use the same chemicals, as for the cleaning of swimming pools.

In addition, that dirty water in the fountain degrades the ornamental waterworks, there is another reason for the use of chemical cleaning of a reservoir of this type. And the reason is the injectors, through which water is pumped to the surface, and, actually, formed a fountain. If the water is too hard, the formed lime deposits, that clog the canals and the fountain goes down. Algae also adversely affect the performance of the fountain, because. they acquire around the nozzle and clog it.

To adjust the normal stiffness of the water in the fountain use special stabilizers, there are lots of them in specialized stores.

To destroy formations of algae and silt in the fountain it is recommended to use cleaning bodies of water – "Algicide".

You can also use more expensive and qualitative preparations of complex action. They can simultaneously remove algae, the mucus from the walls of the fountain and adjust water hardness. As this drug can be used the company's product SOLL (Germany), called "Springbrunnen Klar" . Although its price is very high, note the number of cleanings, which can be done with one pack, usually pack enough for a clean 25m3 water.

To clear water-feeding nozzles from limescale, rust and other damage, it is recommended to use special chemical cleaning agents. A quality product provided by the company OASE.

Cleaning fish ponds

Очистка пруда своими руками

Cleaning the pond with his hands

The most sensitive to the aggressiveness of chemical means of cleaning water ponds, inhabited by fish and plants. There is already prohibited use of funds for chemical water treatment, because. they cause the death of plants and fish.

If ponds are not cleaned on time, they will quickly become overgrown with algae and become a place of gathering mosquitoes and all kinds of larvae. As a result, the pond will quickly fail and "die".

For cleaning the fish ponds, it is recommended to use biological means, which effectively combats algae propagation, and with a concentration of mosquitoes and other harmful insects.

For mosquito control, it is recommended to use a biological agent "PiekAde", manufacturer which is a company SOLL (Germany). The use of one dose a month is quite enough for, what would prevent the emergence of mosquitoes over a pond, in addition, the drug is completely harmless to fish and plants.

In order, that would instantly start the process of removing algae from the pond, it is recommended to use an effective biological agent "Fadenalgenvernichter". This tool is also used to prevent the extermination of the parasites and treat the fish from the gills necrosis.

There are circumstances, when you "run" your pond, with the result that the water became too dirty and not amenable to biological treatment. In this case, water must be replaced. As we know, clean water needs to settle for one season, that would be recovered microflora of the pond. If you do not wish to waste time, you can use the accelerated establishment of a microflora, which will allow for a short period of time to prepare a pond to move fish and plants. This biological agent is a stimulator of rapid multiplication of bacteria – the "Starter Bacteria", which can effectively clean the pond from algae and various harmful impurities.

With regard to the management of hard water in the pond, which also has a negative impact on the livelihoods of fish and plants, in order, to make hard water suitable for the inhabitants of the pond made use of a mixture of peat.

If you want to quickly and efficiently clear water from heavy metals and phosphates (and this will make the water more transparent), it is recommended to use biological means "Crystal Clear".

The above information will enable you to make high-quality and harmless water at the dacha with his hands. Based on this material, you can purchase and other means, which also contribute to cleaning the pool, a pond or fountain.

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