The original idea for garden decoration hand-painted stones with their hands

Don't know, as original way to decorate the garden and not having to spend large amounts of materiel? Today the landscape design of the plot provides plenty of ideas for garden decoration, which is very easy to do with your hands. One of these ideas is the decoration garden painted rocks. About, how to decorate garden stones and what it takes, we will discuss in this article.
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Tools and materials for work

Раскрашивание камней своими руками

Painting stones with their hands

For that would process the colour of the stones is not complicated, was fast, and the end result is impressive looking in the gardening area for several seasons, it is necessary to select quality paint and properly applied to the surface of the stones.

Materials and tools to paint stones will serve as:

  • Boulder (about, how to do we'll talk later)
  • Acrylic paint. Be sure to choose this paint because it is. it has high color saturation, quick drying, durability, easy dissolution and a plenty of other advantages. It should be noted, what acrylic paint is different: for plastic, stone, wood, cloth, etc., so choose the appropriate type of paint.
  • Lacquer. We need it for the final opening of the stone, once the paint hardens.
  • Brush set. It is recommended to choose a synthetic brush, because. acrylic paint on them is not acting in the negative, as natural. If you are going to paint small parts or to create a complex pattern, you may need toothpicks.
  • The solvent. Be sure to get a solvent for acrylic paints, with the help of it, in the end, you can easily wash his hands of paint and wash brushes.
  • Container for rinsing brushes and filtered water. It is not recommended to use water from the tap, because. she can leave on the painted stones divorces.
  • Napkin or piece of cloth. We need them in order, to blot the brush with paint, to prevent generation of stains on the stone.
  • Palette. This device is used, that would be convenient to mix paint. If there is no palette, you can use any surface, which does not absorb moisture (for example, plastic).
  • Newspaper or sheets of cardboard. Using them to cover the place, where you will work, that would not spoil his view.

How to make a boulder garden with his own hands?

If the material cost is not a barrier, you can buy ready-made boulders in a specialty store, which provides a wide range of these goods, a variety of shapes and sizes.

Requirements for selection of stones:

  1. At least one of the sides must be flat, what would the stone had a stable position on the ground
  2. For aesthetic appearance, it is recommended to choose a more rounded stones
  3. The stone surface preferably should be flat, it is better to draw. If the future image on the stone requires a porous surface (for example, a piece of cheese), then choose the porous stones is welcome.
  4. The color of the stone should be light, because. what would be painted a dark stone in white color, you will need to apply several layers.

There is no such option, as the creation of the boulder to counterfeit their hands. This work will not take much time, save your money and will make the stone the most appropriate form for you.

To create a stone with their hands, we need:

  • Capacity for stone
  • Cement mortar
  • Polyethylene
  • Sand
  • Water

That would create a oval stone to use in the container the required amount of sand, do deepen the appropriate form, cover with plastic and fill it with cement mortar.

To create a stone of irregular shape, you must first moisten the sand with water, make a hole of suitable shape to continue to operate, as in the previous method.

What would the future look of the stone looked older, into the polyethylene before pouring the solution laid dry twigs or moss. To decorate the surface of the stone, you can use pebbles or other decorative elements.

Instructions for painting the stones with their hands

Video lesson “Decorate the stones with their hands”

Well, we went to that, how to decorate garden stones with their hands.

First the stones must be thoroughly washed and dried, that would get rid of the dirt on the surface.

Next, cover the workspace with newspaper and progruntovav the surface of the stone, then wait, when it dries.

Of course, previously it was necessary to create a sketch, which you will continue to paint the stone. Whatever the figure, be sure to make it a background on the stone (for fish blue, for the raspberries – red). To create the background, take the paint (its pre-shake well), mix it with filtered water (the ratio 1:1) and apply to the surface of the stone.

After the background dries (it takes no more than 15 minutes) proceed to the creation of the main figure. We recommend that you first with a pencil to jot down all the main elements on the surface of the stone, then just paint them the appropriate colors (as a "coloring book"). First acrylic paints direct the contours of the parts, and then painted them from the inside. If you are going to additionally decorate the stones with light scenery (for example, sequins), do it immediately, because. acrylic paint well replace the glue.

So in the end you need to open your finished masterpiece varnish. After complete curing of the paint, apply varnish on the surface, it will protect the product from harm rain and defeat sun rays.

Here, actually, all the work to create such original ideas for garden, as the decoration embellished with stones.

What can you draw on the stone?

The most popular images on the stones are as follows:

  • Emoticons
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Fairy-tale characters
  • Stones in the style of "Major-minor": painted on two sides opposing heroes.

In order, what would you clearly see the most popular ideas for garden decoration hand-painted stones, we offer you some original ideas for the garden with using stones.

Photo examples of ideas for garden – ornaments of painted stones

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Video lesson “Decorate the stones with their hands”
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