Postmodernism, actually, as pop art, minimalism and constructivism originates from the second half of the 20th century. The main goal in creating apartment interior style postmodernism: to achieve harmony, using a combination of elements of various architectural styles.

In postmodernism manages to combine sinuous lines with straight, bright colors with a pale, the functionality of the room along with his attractiveness and creativity.

Initially, postmodernism arose as a refinement of the more popular style modernism.

The main features of postmodernism in the interior are:

  • Color palette. As has been said, certain requirements to the color of the room does not exist. The main thing, what would the color was not toxic colors, which is straining the environment. Often use these colors, as mother-of-pearl, silver and beige.
  • To the decoration of the walls it is also not subject to special requirements. Then just combine various architectural styles: one wall decorate mural paintings, the second Wallpaper, the third metal or wooden panels.
  • The ceiling it is recommended to create an asymmetric, multilevel, with recessed lighting.
  • As flooring most often used for flooring and ceramic tile (depending on the functionality of the room).
  • Furniture must be comfortable, but at the same time and complement the interior space. Most often used upholstered furniture, covered faux leather, although not the exception, and wooden furniture (chairs, tables, trellis).
  • Accessories in the style of postmodernism can be statues of various style and material, busts, vase with flowers, pictures, chandeliers etc. The main thing that all of the elements combined with each other and creating harmonious interior spaces.

To your attention photo of postmodernism in the interior:

If you like the style of postmodernism, we recommend you to get acquainted with such styles, as deconstruction and modern.

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