Planning. The zoning of the suburban garden plot

Зонирование территории


Finally collected all the necessary information, then you can proceed to the next step zoning. The entire plot is distributed on area of required value, which will have to be buildings, plantings and much more. On zone always imposed certain functions. This release:

  • Residential area, which includes house, patio, summer kitchen, summer house, etc..
  • The area, to which rank as the site for the installation of BBQ facilities, gazebos, pools, ponds, etc.
  • Economic zone, which includes workshops, garages, sheds, gardens, gardens, etc.

However, this distribution is given roughly, to follow him implicitly not necessarily, moreover, the plan of the future site already prepared. Zones are marked on "design project". At this point, you need to use tracing. It is superimposed on the prepared plan, she transferred the drawing, and in several instances. One of the copies marked area. You can draw them in the form of some spots, having a variety of shapes. Each zone is signed. The resulting variant analyzed. Questions may arise on the location of certain areas, for example, barbecues. For this and prepared some of the cripples with a plan. They can be used to compare the various options, to choose the best, moving the tracing paper according to the drawing. So you can make a detailed plan with zones, the value of which depends entirely on the needs of the owner of the site.

This stage rely on practicality and rationality, because none of the stunning design will not be pleased, if the location of the zones will be uncomfortable. It must be remembered, that the decorative is to discuss then, when everything is carefully planned and practical.

When the zoning it is necessary to consider the individual characteristics of each site, such as landscape, relief and more. For example, the recreation area is best to arrange, where scenic views, pond and logical place in the existing trench or the valley.

The main secret of each design decision is that, every "minus" should be regarded as a superb plus. Such unique nuances can transform the plot, to make it especially original and unique.

Первоначальный план участка

The original site plan

In that case, if the plot is more or less ready, every existing object is considered thoroughly, then included in the zoning. You should not be afraid of radical changes, after all, the adaptation will be easy by using various decorative techniques.

The Council: When zoning is necessary to consider the composition of the soil. To determine the composition does not require the use of special instruments, just look at growing weeds. For example, on neutral soils grow chamomile, cuff, clover, Wheatgrass, sow Thistle, mother and stepmother. On acid soils it is possible to meet sorrel, plantain, Buttercup, horsetail, sorrel. Alkaline – Campion and bindweed.

Planning a garden plot

Планирование участка

The next step planning a suburban area – planning paths. They are applied beforehand on tracing paper. For this with arrows marked with required routes. Then instead of arrows drawn lines. The shape and the width of the tracks is determined by a bit later. The emphasis is on convenience. However decorative it is also worth considering. Therefore it is not recommended to make the track perfectly smooth, should be a slight bend. In the end, all paths and tracks meet in the common route, that will be very practical and convenient. Usually in landscape architecture used exactly this technique. Here is a photo collection of garden paths ideas, paths of concrete slabs, the circular paving of the garden path, economy version of the track from Euro pallets, tracks, artificial and natural stone and other design ideas area in rustic style, a fence made of palisade.

The next stage planning a garden plot – distribution on site plan green spaces. You can draw them with circles of various sizes. First you need to know, what is the crown of certain trees, at what distance apart they can be planted. It is worth remembering, that tall plant is preferable to plant in the most low-lying parts of your site, flowering should be pleasing to the eye in the center of garden. Bushes look beautiful when placed along the tracks, and coniferous trees are well protected from the prevailing winds.

Further it is worth pondering location of flower beds in your area. All operations are also on tracing paper. Options can be a great many. Only to remember, that arrangement of flower gardens depends not only on the tastes of the owner of the site, but on the level of illumination. For example, roses are best placed on the South side of the house, Heather and pine trees – ideal for the rock garden, entrance is preferable to arrange plants or flowers, blooming as long as possible.

After that planned vertical gardening. The main thing, to determine the options, are a great many: pergola, trellis, arch, wall – for every taste. In disguise and decoration, vertical gardening has a leading position, being the most effective and natural way. How is vertical gardening with basket plant we have been told.

Finally required accents: think striking details and landscape lighting, the containers are placed with selected plants and garden accessories. This will give the site some flair.

Each successive stage planning of the site presumes availability of the basic fundamental principles of landscape design:

Планирование участка - пример окончательного плана участка

Planning area – photo is an example of the final site plan.

  • The plot looks much more attractive, if its construction were used a variety of textures: materials, plants and spatial elements of decor.
  • Must be the relationship of the buildings with a cleared area. This can contribute to stylistic moments, repetitive decorative elements, the texture of the materials, form, colors and motifs. Better, to was also attended by transition elements from the style of the house to the garden: retaining walls, steps, terrace, patio. Each transition should be as seamless as possible, gradual.
  • Each garden area is separated by a small border. It is not necessary to clutter the plot screens, screens or solid walls, which sometimes looks somewhat hard. Better, if the separation is somewhat symbolic, easy. Also as a separator, ideal for a large boulder, beautiful tree, shrub or flowerbed.
  • Colors colors, foliage, garden tools can have a significant impact on lighting shaded or remote boundaries of the garden plot.
  • You must have plants, which differ in the shape of the crown, color leaves and flowers. There must be a transition of horizontals-verticals. It is mainly concerned with plants and relief solutions.

The design of the garden at the cottage, country house

  • Оформление садаThe design of the garden should carry the "flavor". Better, below a view of the garden revealed gradually, fragments, and not was as on a palm. Each area should be charming curved bench, beautiful original sculpture or flower beds, which are little smooth track.
  • When making the garden you need to use the play of colors, different contrasts. It is worth remembering: color has a strong influence on the surrounding atmosphere. The active color can be repeated more than once in different parts of the site.
  • Interesting lines and various geometric shapes are accentuated with a variety of decorative elements.
  • In the design and planning of a garden, taking into account the special rules of composition. It defines a compositional center, which is subject to all other elements. In addition, you should feel a certain rhythm, the unity plan. Only in this case each element of the design will be in harmony with other decorative elements. In composition it is necessary to place accents, to space "deepened", and look for anything not "ran".
  • The garden needs to be decorated in the same style, if other styles are required to ensure a smooth imperceptible transition style. See all the garden styles of the site.

Оформление сада

The planning area is is a creative process, requiring the use of extraordinary, interesting solutions, a piece of "creative". This also applies to the elements of decor, and location flower beds and trees. There are many choices of garden decorations, you can modify and adjust to your taste.


  • If should be considered as areas in the garden, which are not planted or on the contrary hidden in the rough overgrown, it is possible suddenly to discover a lot of new features to transform your garden.
  • A well-designed walkway will help to visually increase square footage. To do this, the beginning and the end of the track should extend.

The most important principle is improvisation, which is not to be feared when planning a suburban area. Don't be afraid to change and even break some rules. Only in this case your work will be exclusive, not formulaic layout.

Оформление сада. Видовое взаимодействиеЦветовое оформление сада


Стили дизайнаFirst, you have to be holding the tracing paper with a site plan. This plan is the first blueprint of the future the garden of dreams. It will still be subject to change, to specify. The more accurately you decide then, when explore different styles of design and in the end you will find your style and define all the elements of the future interior of your garden.

Design – this concept, which determines not only the style and interior components of the future. Design determined in accordance with ergonomics, it is very actively used data psychology, aesthetics, medicine and of course ecology. All together helps to make the environment comfortable. Known, that the subconscious is influenced by many environmental factors: color, materials, form, magnetic field, energy the plants around it.. All of this matches or does not match our perception of the environment in combination with individual features of the character and the psycho-emotional background.

Intuitively, one chooses one or the other design style, which corresponds to the energy background, which will be favorable for him. However, intuition is highly developed, not all, therefore, additional knowledge in this area will not be superfluous and will help to organize itself around the energy background, to maintain good health and vitality at a high level.

Стили дизайна. Подчеркивание формы

Using this knowledge can not only make your health invincible, but to manage your life, to materialize their deepest desires. No longer have to spend money on visits to doctors and psychologists, because the best expert you will become yourself, since no one more than you know, what will you benefit, and what's not.


  • Стили дизайна. РельефHow to choose plants and decorative shrubs can be found on our website. The main direction is the garden of a simple care.
  • Entrance area – this is the place, which leaves the first impression, that's why you need to pay special attention.
  • To provide heat in the house will help one trick: design the house so you need, below the entrance was oriented to the South.
  • For garden with fruit trees the most suitable North zone area, as other trees will not shade other plots.
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