The Romanesque style

The Romanesque style of interior design originated in Catholic Europe of XI-XIII centuries. At this time, the architecture was aimed at the creation of large thick-walled castles and churches, actually, therefore, the interior of the housing in the Romanesque style resembles a medieval fortress.

To create the Romanesque interior is better suited spacious cottage, if you are the owner of a small apartment, it is recommended to arrange the room the main elements of the Romanesque style.

The main features of the Romanesque style include:

  • Color palette. Mostly dark gray and dark brown tones of the kitchen and living room. Bathroom and bedroom could have a more light color: beige or white in contrast with brown.
  • Walls is natural stone and wooden modules. In the modern Romanesque interior is plaster dark shade and wall painting. Ideally, the walls should have a greater thickness (it is noticeable in doorways).
  • Floor fit of natural stone, mosaic, ceramic tile. Rare distressed flooring. Not forbidden to lay on the floor carpets in a dark wash.
  • The ceiling often presented beams or heavy vaults. As well complement the interior of coffered ceiling.
  • Furniture Romanesque wooden, as simple as possible, gross. Most often used finish iron fittings and threaded. Allowed staining furniture paint (usually it's black, red, white, brown paint). It should be noted, the beds in the Romanesque style, it is customary to do so under the canopy.
  • Complement the interior massive Roman style columns, semicircular arches, fireplace, forged and wide stairs..
  • Accessories in the Romanesque style are the terracotta statuettes, torches, large vases, mirror, pictures, armor, medieval weapons and coats of arms.

Photo Romanesque style in the interior:

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