Shabby chic

Along with modern interior styles, as deconstruction, pop art, hi-tech and minimalism there is another, no less beautiful style of interior design – shabby chic.

Its main idea is to use old furniture, accessories and artificially aged materials to create a romantic, cozy atmosphere.

In the shabby chic style can present the features of styles Provence, country and even Rococo.

The main features of shabby chic in the interior are:

  • Colors. No bright and dark shades should not be a. The room should be bright, preference is given to the pale shades, which emit the old days.
  • Materials. Most suits also pasting of walls by wall-paper or rough painting. It is recommended to plaster the walls and ceiling, additionally decorating them with stucco. As a floor coating it is recommended to use a Board or ceramic tile.
  • To furniture in the style of shabby chic special requirements. It is best to use vintage and antique wooden furniture. A cheaper option is to buy at a flea market, old furniture and restore it a bit.
  • As accessories it is recommended to use beautiful chandeliers, statues of angels, paintings and flowers in pots.

To your attention photo of shabby chic interior:

Also please see photo of the style Baroque the interior of the room!

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