Modern living rooms

The living room is the room for receiving guests and in some cases for important negotiations (if appropriate living room design).

Today, young people with active lifestyle prefer modern interior design. Older and wealthy people choose classic styles.

Next, we will provide you the photo of design ideas living room in modern style, now consider a, what is this style.

Modern style is not one, several of them. Bright, creative styles are pop art, fusion and kitsch (the so-called first group of styles). More discreet high-tech interiors represented styles modernism, minimalism and hi-tech (accordingly, the second group of styles).

Modern living rooms of the first group of styles have striking design, decorated with wall prints, posters, accessories of bright colors. Often a combination of several contradicting or relatives within the meaning of styles.

As for the second group of styles, it, as a rule, plain or contrast spaces with functional lighting and furniture, and regular geometric shape. In the living rooms of high-tech style and minimalist, using modern materials and finishes: metal, glass, plastic. As a rule, bright trinkets, conspicuous, shouldn't be.

To your attention photo of interior living room in modern style:

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