Create a flowerbed on the dacha with his hands: how to create and photo examples of handwritten creative decoration flower bed

Planning a suburban area, be sure to build a flower bed or flower garden. This fixture will beautify the General look of the site, making the country more attractive. In addition, what you need to choose the right decorative flower garden, still there is a problem, as correct selection of plants for flower beds. Next will be considered the most popular designer decisions regarding flowerbeds, as well as provided recommendations on the choice of the plant world, this element of landscape design.

The main types of beds for a suburban area

You probably already noticed, what today is familiar to us rural sibling bed walked to the side. To replace it the designers use all their creativity and has created several basic types of beds, which can be harmoniously decorate the territory of the country.

The most popular are the following types of beds:

  • Regular flowerbed, which consists of plants, flowering at one time and placed in the form of regular geometric shapes with symmetry. This type of beds is not very relevant, because. requires a thorough painstaking care and can please their flowering only in one certain period.
Регулярная клумба

Regular flowerbed

  • Irregular bed. Unlike the previous option does not require the use of regular geometric forms of the flower bed, so her overall appearance looks natural. The bed is good, that can bloom almost the entire season, because. consists of perennial plants, which do not require special care.
Нерегулярная клумба

Irregular bed

  • Vertical flowerbed. It is widely used on small suburban areas, impossible to decorate ordinary beds due to lack of space. Normally to create a vertical flower beds use a screen, trellis, the walls which establish the vases with flowers etc. Although the creation of the vertical beds is a time consuming process, its appearance will meet your expectations, spectacularly decorated suburban area.
Vertical flowerbed

Vertical flowerbed

  • Monoclona. This type of beds is the best option for suburban area, because. includes low material costs, fully justified by the appearance of the flower beds. The flora of monokrom consists of plants of the same species (Dahlia, astr or peonies). The shape of the flower bed should be round or square, and the size not too big, what would a suburban area was not a Botanical garden.


  • Tiered flower bed. This kind of beds is considered the most unconventional, because. implies raising the beds to a small height above the earth's surface. The advantage of multilevel raised flower beds – it can be seen from any point of the country's territory.
Многоуровневая клумба

Tiered flower bed

  • Arabesque. Create Arabesque at their summer cottage – is very time-consuming and expensive process, because. this type of flower beds flower bed is a complex shape: animal, insect etc. The appearance is very elegant arabesques and leave a good impressions on the guests and the owners house, so if material costs are not an obstacle for you, be sure to take the help of experts to create Arabesque.


The basic nuances of design and creation of flower beds at the cottage with his own hands

At first glance, the creation of beds with their hands is not a big deal, but once it passes from words to deeds, the creators are beginning to face many problems, wrong decision which leads to the death of plants in the flower bed, as well as spoiling its appearance after a short amount of time.

Creating a flower bed with their hands must adhere to the following tips and recommendations:

  1. The location of the flower beds at their summer cottage should be on the Sunny side of the territory
  2. Plants for flower beds needs to close, observing the requirements for compatibility of climate. It is not recommended to plant in the open bed of exotic plants, because. they require a more careful care. For exotic plants, it is recommended to build a winter garden.
  3. In order, what would the appearance of the beds served as a decorative feature all year round, should choose a range of plants, which are able to bloom throughout the year. The most popular plants, to satisfy this requirement, are pine, spruce, thuja, lavender, juniper etc. In addition, what a bed can be created from several types of these plants, you should pay attention to, what each of these plants has small kind: for example, thuja can be of different colors (from green to yellow), different forms (pyramid, spherical) and heights (dwarf, average, giant). The use of combinations of species of one and the same plant will contribute to the General appearance of flower beds gives a special flavor, attracting the attention of the guests.
  4. Create a bed with their hands not only from year-round plants, but using alternating periods of flowering plants. For example, spring starts flowering snowdrops and tulips, in summer most of the existing shrubs and flowers, fall – hydrangeas, asters, chrysanthemums etc. Using cuts from these plants can make a flowerbed blooming all year round in different colors, that have a positive impact on the decorative function of the flower beds.
  5. To create the original flower beds use plants of various sizes, planted tiers. For example, if the bed is near the fence, back plant decorative shrubs and trees, and in the foreground place low-growing plants. If the bed is in the middle of the garden plot, tall plants place in the center, and the little contour.
  6. Since the bed is one of the main decorative elements, seriously come to the question of its design, that would not only flowering plants adorned the infield, but its edging. About, from what we can make a border for flower beds we'll talk a little lower, providing you with photo examples of original design solutions.
  7. Smooth transition from tips on decorative pieces to tips on ensuring the proper functioning of the flowerbeds immediately worth noting, when planting plants in the flower bed you need to consider the future size of the flower or shrub and, based on this, choose the correct distance apart between plants. For example, if you plant out perennials very close to each other, a couple of years they will grow, and to prevent its further growth, and at this point to transplant them would be very problematic, because. the root system is already well srastetsya in the soil. In order, that would be using this tip, you are upset that, that flowerbed "bald" because of the greater distances between plants, it is recommended to cover this space with pots of brightly blooming annual plants.
  8. Another useful recommendation about the function of flower beds – time to make protection from weeds, otherwise, when the flowers will already be in bed and actively growing, weed control on the order difficult. For the extermination of weeds, for 2 weeks prior to planting is necessary to treat the soil with herbicide, wait until the weeds germinate, and again treating them with the herbicide, and then you can shoot the flower bed agrotextile, cut it crosswise holes for flowers and to plant ornamental plants. Another way of controlling weeds is the creation of border, prevent weeds in flower beds zone.
  9. To save time on care of the flowerbed and implement the right growth of plants, it is recommended to create automatic drip watering.
  10. Also to ensure less troublesome care for the plants in the flowerbed, it is recommended to assemble them on the principle of similarity in care (for example, water-loving plants planted with water-loving).
  11. If the soil in the suburban area not known for its fertility surely add to the soil for future flower beds a little sand. Just don't forget to dig the soil before planting plants.
  12. To increase the acidity of the soil add peat, to lower this criterion is used lime.

As for the small tips, to create the beds with their hands, I think it provided enough useful information, you will definitely need in the construction of the decorative element. Now is more detail to consider, from which you can create a flowerbed at their summer cottage.

The most original design of the beds with their hands

What would your flower beds attracted the attention of garden visitors and contributed more than rich rest near a flower bed, its design must be approached using all my creativity and imagination.

The most popular and affordable materials for design beds are the tires and bottles (like plastic, and glass).

More expensive and attractive material for contouring the beds is a small fence made of natural stone, brick or wooden shtaketin.

Клумба из кирпича

Flowerbed made of bricks

In addition, you can use as a small flower beds a wooden stump, inside of which is carved a place for the root system of the plants and filled the earth. In order, what would the flowerbed from stump to serve longer, it must be open antiseptic, protecting from hitting insects, moisture, spontaneous combustion etc.

Клумба из пня

Flowerbed out of the stump

As to design flower beds you can use old wooden barrels, baskets, abandoned cart and any other means available, who do you like. In order, that you would understand., how wide is the limit of the possible design flower beds, will give you some unusual photos of examples of design of flower beds at their summer cottage.

Photo examples of beautiful flower beds at their summer cottage

How to create the beds with their hands

Creating beds with their hands is not complicated resource-intensive process, time-consuming and requires special skills. All you need, it is right to consider the design of the flowerbeds, to choose its location will be determined with the plant world. All this you briefly told, we now turn to the fact, how to create a bed with their hands.

First mark out the territory of the future flower beds with wooden pegs and rope. After that remove the entire area of the selected area around 15 cm of soil.

Next, create flower beds on the bottom a pillow from rubble or broken bricks and move on to creating the border of a flower bed.

The most simple border can serve as a high natural stones or bottles, inverted bottom to the top.

Once you decide on the material for the curb and install it, all interior space must be covered with soil and wait 1-2 weeks until it will stand.

Well, in the end, in the settled land planted plants and at the request, ready flowerbed decorated garden figurines or other small architectural forms.

As you can see, create the beds with their own hands is not nothing complicated, therefore, we wish you more creative ideas for the design of this element of decor with their hands! We also recommend you to read the article vertical landscaping their hands!

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