Kitsch style

Kitsch style was founded relatively recently, it is therefore considered one of the modern styles. The main idea of the interior of the room in kitsch style is a mockery of existing ideals of art, style, art. In the style of kitsch designers boldly combine different toxic colors, furniture, accessories of various styles, and create the interior, globally contrary to all existing norms of design.

In addition to the kitsch, you can highlight some more original and modern styles of interior design: deconstruction, pop art, eclectic.

Style kitsch in the interior can be divided in the following features:

Color palette: poisonous color, like bright green, pink, blue, red. In addition, often use a more relaxed black and white.

Wall decided to paint aerosols acid colors. You can hang Wallpaper with exotic patterns.

Floor represents a flooring or ceramic tile Oriental style.

Ceilings created by analogy with the walls.

Furniture may be different: East, classic wooden, leather, plastic.

As for accessories, then there is the matter of fantasy. Well in the style of kitsch statues antique style, posters in pop art style, unusual lamps etc.

To your attention photo style kitsch in the interior:

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