Stylish hallways

We already with you considered photo design modern hallways. Now take a look at the, how can you make the hall, that she was stylish and at the same time practical.

Stylish hallway more attention is paid to decorating the room, than its functional features.

It is recommended to use different design ideas for the ceiling design, the floor and walls: for example, paint the walls painting, to hang prints, to decorate, stone, or wood etc.

Often stylish hallways represented by such interior design styles, as loft, pop art, country, romance, hi-tech, minimalism, kitsch and East.

There 3 the basic requirements for creating a stylish hallway:

  • You must feel the measure: the interior should not be overloaded visually
  • Materials should be washable and durable. Hall is one of the most polluted rooms, therefore, it is recommended that on the floor lay linoleum, and wall better hang washable Wallpaper.
  • The hallway should be functional. Hanger, Shoe rack and mirror are integral hallway.

Stylish hallways:

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