Technology pond for fish with their hands

Suburban area, equipped with fish pond, will be interested and will allow you to relax from everyday work, looking for decorative floating fish. That would make a pond for fish do not require a lot of time and money, and now you will see for yourself!

The purpose of the pond for fish

Рыбный пруд своими руками

Fish pond with his hands

A pond for fish is ideal for those owners, preferring instead to rest in the garden of hi-tech style, relax on your own piece of nature. Fish pond is very easy to do with their hands, he will fit well in a natural garden style combined with birdhouses, drinking bowls for birds, a house for squirrels and the rest buildings for animals, which will make the garden a habitat for various birds and animals.

To create a pond for fish do not need high investment, work special equipment and specialists, all, what you need is to dig a pit, decorate it, fill with water and put the fish, suitable for this region.

Today many vacationers prefer fish ponds, instead of the usual ornamental ponds, fountains and artificial ponds, because. knowing, what's in your garden from wild animals., allows more unusually quiet rest, watching them swimming.

Technology pond for fish with their hands

Необычный пруд для рыбы на дачном участке

Fancy pond fish on the dacha

So, if you finally decided to create a pond for fish with their hands, then below given information will be useful for you.

To start, select a suitable place in the garden: it should be accessible to sunlight, but at the same time not to succumb to the constant lighting during the day, because. overheating will harm the fish.

Further, we define the dimensions of the fish pond, based on the type and amount of its future inhabitants.

Another important point – you should immediately determine whether the over-winter also fish in the pond, or it should be caught and put into the aquarium in a residential building. This factor depends on the future depth of the pond.

It is also necessary to determine the materials strengthen the bottom of the pond. Use modern building materials, such as Geocell, the film of PVC or butyl tape. A cheaper option is to pour the bottom with gravel.

Применение пленки ПВХ для рыбного пруда

The use of PVC for fish pond

Then identify with the plant world pond, which is not only ornamental to decorate the area, but to meet the kind of fish and in any case not to hurt them.

Having defined all the details, now let us create a pond for fish with their hands.

We chose as an example a small pond for koi (Japanese carp). For this we need to dig a pond with a volume of not less than 10 m3. In the winter the fish will be placed in the aquarium, therefore, the depth of the pond is 1,5 meter, and the pond does not need to be equipped with special water heater.

Japanese koi are not too fussy to environment and suitable for the climate of Ukraine, so the problems with maintenance of their vital activity will arise.

Японские карпы кои

Japanese koi carp

So, the pit for the pond dug, it is now necessary to strengthen and at the same time decorate the bottom. For this we use the gravel, which paved a small pillow at the bottom of the pond. Side of the pond can be strengthened natural stone medium size.

Then further decorate the pond with appropriate water-loving plants, small architectural forms, input a garden path and install a small bench, I'd like to relax next to the pond. Also good option would be to build over the pond garden bridge their hands, this will allow you to watch the fish from above and do a walk in the garden more fun.

When the pond is fully established, it is recommended to leave it without fish for one season, that would have created the ecological balance, and establish the optimum habitat for fish.

Заселенный рыбный пруд

Populated fish pond

With the arrival of spring run fish in the pond and enjoy a "living pond", created by your own hands.

After that you only need to monitor the cleanliness of the pond and feed the fish (daily feeding of fish should be 3% their weight!).

Fish, living in the pond

If you don't know, what fish can be run in the created pond, it is best to fix the issue 2 ways:

  1. To go to the fishermen on the nearby rates and find out, what fish are found in this region
  2. To go to a specialty store and consult a salesperson, which will give you the advantages and disadvantages of each of the right species of fish.

As you know, the second option is more suitable and rational, so take advantage of should they.

Please note that, that fish must be purchased in a specialist fish shop and in any case not to run in the pond of game fish, because. they can be infected, and subjected to diseases other fish.

Among the most popular fish, who can stay in our region, allocate:

  • Carp
  • Bream
  • Perch
  • Carp
  • Roach
  • Ruff
  • Gudgeon
  • Minnow
  • Rudd
  • Eel

You can also start ornamental fish, which have more attractive colour and shape: Japanese koi carp, goldfish, bleak, pike etc.

Обитатели рыбного пруда на даче

The inhabitants of the fish pond at the cottage

That's all, I would like to tell you about, how to make a pond for fish with their hands. As you can see, nothing complicated, the main thing to have desire and a little free time!

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