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Not all vacationers want, what their lawn looked like an ordinary green area. Many people want something more vibrant and saturated on the background of grass. It is recommended to decorate the lawn grass and bulbous meadow flowers. Next, we'll talk about that, what flower bulbs are ideal for decorating lawn, how to create a meadow lawn, as well as how to plant flowers on the "green carpet".

Planting bulbs in the lawn

Луковичные цветы на газоне

Bulbous flowers on the lawn

Flower bulbs have such a name due to the fact, their on vegetative propagation presented in the form of bulbs, which is under the ground. While the flower begins to fade and wither away, onion quietly continues its activity until the next season.

Planting bulbs in the lawn, especially snowdrops and daffodils, is a reasonable event, because. flowers gently decorate lawn grass and harmoniously fit into the overall landscape design of the area.

It should be noted, what flower bulbs for lawns, like other plants, have their peculiarities of life. In other words, some flowers love moisture saturation soil, other shadow, the third part of the sun. Therefore, the choice of flowers for the lawn must be taken very seriously, in advance of specifying their location on the lawn and in consultation with the seller at a flower shop.

Please note that, that planting bulbs in the lawn should be carried out only in the case, if the lawn area is spacious, otherwise, it will be inconvenient to carry out lawn care services (will interfere with the flowers).

Choose bulbs for the lawn

When choosing bulbs for the lawn it is necessary to give preference to more simple and less finicky to care for flowers. It is also recommended to create nonperishable lawn, picking up flowers for the lawn for different times of blossoming. In this case, some plants will bloom at the moment, when others wither.

Газон из луковичных

Lawn of onion

For planting bulbs in the lawn it is recommended to use these flowers:

  • Tulips
  • Daffodils
  • Snowdrops
  • Crocuses

How to plant bulbs in the lawn?

Planting bulbs in the lawn is a fairly simple procedure, which has several nuances:

  1. No need to plant flowers, as the potatoes – in-a-row. Try to recreate the natural growth of groups of bulbous on the lawn.
  2. Do not place the bulb close near each other, otherwise, the growth will slow down, and then all stops, because. the plants will be closely. The distance between the flower bulbs must be at least one size of the bulb.
  3. That would satisfy the requirement 1 and 2 just take a few bulbs in your hand and throw it on the lawn, where would you like to see flowers – bulbs in this case is most naturally and comfortably on the plot.
  4. That would put the big onion use special garden tools – planter for bulbs. Use the drill to create the hole in the soil to a depth of 15 cm, which will be sufficient to space the bulbs.
  5. For planting small bulbs are easier to "remove" a shovel a small piece of soil and put on the bottom of the bulb, covering them with earth.

Than to feed the bulbs on the lawn?

Подкормка для цветов

Feeding for flowers

Feed bulbous flowers on the lawn needs potassium fertilizers, which will stimulate the growth of our flowers and at the same time to blunt the growth of lawn grass, thereby the frequency of cutting will decrease.

It is not recommended to use a nitrogen fertilizer for feeding lawn grass in that period, when blooming bulbs in the lawn. In this case, the fertilizer will encourage leaf growth, and not for the flowers.

Nitrogen fertilizers are recommended to apply then, when the flower begins to wilt and its leaves will fall off.

Create a meadow lawn with their hands

Вид лугового газона на даче

View of meadow lawn in the country

So, first we need to understand, what is a meadow lawn. Unlike full-fledged meadows, where the grass and flowers have a height above the belt, meadow lawn is just grass, which is not often trimmed, and has a small amount of carpet colors.

Create a meadow lawn with their hands may be different, depending on, what we have in the original position.

If you are just going to create a meadow lawn and the area is prepared soil, it is recommended to buy ready-made mixtures of meadow lawn, added seeds of different colors.

It is not recommended to sow the seeds of meadow flowers to the lawn, because. densely Packed lawn grass simply will not allow seeds to grow.

You can also purchase ready-made meadow the lawn rolls, but only in this case the height of the grass and meadow flowers will be much higher, what is required for landscape design suburban area.

If you decided to create a meadow lawn on the existing ordinary lawn, you must not use seeds of meadow flowers, and seedlings. In this case, the seedlings just sit in the Sunny areas of the lawn and water. Seedlings can be purchased in specialized flower shops, where the consultant will choose the most suitable flowers for the lawn, and will tell you, what are the care practices you should implement.

As one of the options of creating a meadow lawn is more time-consuming method. You just have to stop cutting the grass and then meadow plants of your region parastudy themselves in the lawn grass. Of course, this procedure is lengthy, but still, as the variant can be used. Please note that, many weeds (for example, dandelion) as are the elements of meadow lawn, so if you stop weed control meadow lawn faster comes up on your country site.

Care for meadow lawn

Ухоженный луговой газон

Well maintained meadow lawn

Care for the meadow lawn is very simple and requires. only the implementation of the three important nuances.

  1. Meadow flowers in any case is not allowed to fertilize, this will hurt them. At the same time, lawn grass requires a spring and fall feeding. If your lawn grass makes it impossible to grow wild flowers, stop soiling, then she loosens, and flowers will be able to overcome the barrier.
  2. The meadow lawns is prohibited to use means of chemical weed control – herbicides, because. they will kill and meadow plants. If there is a need to remove a few weeds from the lawn, use spot treatment with herbicide or manually remove the plant.
  3. Haircut meadow lawn needs to implement to a height not below 5 cm, what would the plants had a small reserve of strength for growth. When meadow plants will bloom haircut you can briefly stop to enjoy a splendid view of your meadow lawn!

Here, actually, and everything that I wanted to tell you about planting flowers for the lawn. We also recommend you to decorate the lawn ornamental trees in combination with meadow and bulbous flowers!

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