Kennel for the dog with their hands: step by step guide to create a home for the dog

In order to build the kennel for the dog with their hands, first, you need to understand the intricacies of creating this garden was built. Place for dog housing must be matched correctly, and the material should be warm and cozy. In General, better on the shelves lay all the nuances of creating a doghouse with their hands, than we now do.
Будка для собаки своими руками

Kennel for the dog with their hands

Choose the size of the dog

Размеры будки для собаки

The size of the dog

The first thing is to define the size of the dog. To do this, determine, what is your dog's size. There 3 type dogs: small, medium and large. Accordingly, representatives include small dachshunds and similar breeds, the intermediate – German shepherds, to large – Caucasian shepherd. Based on this classification, I decided to do the booth in the following sizes:

  • For small dogs: 700*550*600 mm (where the length of the first, and the height of the last)
  • For medium dogs: 1200*750*800 mm
  • For large dogs: 1400*1000*950 mm

The dimensions of the doghouse are allowed to adjust, based on the dimensions of your own dog.

In order, to correctly determine the size of the booth you must adhere to this methodology:

  • In order to correctly choose the width of the hole, measure the width of the chest of the dog and add to the given value 5-8 cm.
  • The ideal height of a manhole – 5 cm below the height of the withers of a dog.
  • The height of the box should be the height at the withers + 5-8 cm.
  • The depth of the box equal to its height (with the exception of some breeds of dogs, which dictate its own size box)
Расчет размера будки

The calculation of the size of the booth

As mentioned earlier, the size of the booth you can slightly "move", but only to a larger value, the more, if the box is built for the puppy.

During the construction of the booth must be aware of such moments:

  • Housing for the dogs should be comfortable, she could go to bed, unfold or stand up.
  • The entrance hole should not be narrow, better on the contrary, widening it to accommodate
  • Booths must beat down insulation, what would a dog keep warm in the winter
  • The walls and roof must provide protection from wind and rain
  • Material production of the booth should be environmentally friendly, what would the dog's not spoiled your health while dwelling in the booth (it is best to use wood)
  • The box should be placed correctly in the gardening area (party must not be windy, and the dog is required to see all events on site)
  • The roof may be lean-to, and saddle, there is a big difference
  • For convenience, make under the roof of the booth is a small loft, in which you can put toys for dog, dishes and other utensils
  • The hole must be dug in the direction of the long wall., dog can more easily climb into the booth

If you are the owner of a large dog, the booth is recommended to build in cage for dog, again, not hard to build with their own hands.

After, as decided on the size of the booth, go to the sketch drawing, which helps to build the booth with their hands.

Drawings dog

As soon as the drawing, and this means that the type of housing for the dog will be chosen, then create the box with their hands.

Materials and tools, necessary in order, what would make booth the dog with his hands

In order, that would make the box with their hands, you need to use environmentally friendly materials, it is best to use a tree (conifers). Used to build lining, thick 12,5 mm (the outer hull), and fiberboard, chipboard, plywood and batten. Also need bars dimensions 100*100, 40*40 and 100*50. To create external corners and decor of the booth using a wooden area, as well as symmetrical moldings and decorative rods.

That would insulate the box (and it must be done), use glassine, the foam and mineral wool. Roofing material the booth will serve as galvanized sheet metal or slate. Not recommended for use in these purposes, shingles and roofing material, because. the habit the dog will chew them and thus harm your health.

Tools, which we will need in order to make the box with their hands, the following:

  • Shovel
  • Hammer
  • Saw
  • Pencil
  • Building level
  • Roulette
  • Hacksaw or circular
  • Galvanized nails
  • Paint (pinoteks)
  • Linseed oil
  • Impregnating antiseptic for wood

How to make a box for dogs: step by step instructions

First cut Board. In that case, if the roof will be shed, the back wall of the booth should be shorter than the front, what would the slope rainwater was behind the booth.

Prepare wood for the frame box. Better to make the length of bars with a small margin.

Hammer together the frame of the booth in accordance with the previously prepared drawing

каркас будки

frame booth

Sheathe the frame of the booth to the inside of the boards, immediately it is recommended to build a roof. In order that the dog didn't get hurt, boards need to oshlifovat.

In the front wall of the booth being constructed manhole, the ends of which also must be processed

Now on to insulation: floors, the walls and roof be sure to insulate with foam, on top of which is secured to the outer wall of wood planks.

Утепляем пол будки

Insulate the floor of the booth

Then sheathe the outside part of the booth with your chosen material (fiberboard, chipboard, lining, etc.). If the material means, it is recommended to use wood siding.

Обшиваем и утепляем каркас будки для собаки

Sheathed and insulated frame dog

Then proceed to the sealing of cracks and seams, what would wind and precipitation didn't worsen cozy location dog. As a sealant you can use Reiki, plinth, beadings, etc., the main thing, that they were wooden.

After sealing move to the roof of the roof. For this it is best to use slate sheets.

Well, in the end, it remains to handle the finished box for the dog with an antiseptic and set a building on bricks or pallet, that gender is not rotted on the damp earth

That's all, kennel for the dog with their hands ready! It remains only to paint it and install it on the right place!

готовая будка для собаки

ready box for dogs

Photo booths for dogs

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