Doing a wooden pergola with your own hands: features of construction of pergolas for the garden

A simple pergola consists of several arches, fastened together by the sheathing. The purpose of this garden building is to maintain the vineyards, and create shade, protection from rain and wind. In order to build a pergola with your own hands do not need a lot of time and money, so be sure to adorn your garden this building.

Basic information on the pergola for the garden

The material of the pergola

There are several basic materials to build the pergola: metal, plastic, stone and wood.

Wooden pergolas are the most popular and aesthetically pleasing. In order to build a wooden pergola will need quite a bit of time and effort. It is recommended to make the pergola of the most durable varieties of wood ones: ate, pine and oak.

Деревянная пергола своими руками

Wooden pergola with your own hands

Metal pergolas are the main advantage – durability. These buildings look as appealing, like wood, here only it is necessary to constantly monitor the, what would the metal not rusted, otherwise the whole form of this decorative material will lose its appeal.

Металлическая пергола своими руками

Metal pergola with your own hands

Stone pergolas are the most expensive and luxurious. They are suitable only for large gardens, because. in the tiny gardens of pergolas will look dominant and all the beauty of the garden will be lost on their background. Another drawback of stone pergolas – the complexity of their creation, because. it will have to use the assistance of professionals working with stone. Dignity stone pergolas – the highest durability and the addition of antique garden styles.

Каменная пергола своими руками

Stone pergola with your own hands

Plastic pergolas are only good because of their low price and variety of colors. Such a construction does not always fit into garden decor and sometimes cheapens its appearance, therefore, it is not recommended to use products of plastic.

Is the right solution is a combination of materials in the creation of pergolas, so the building will acquire its uniqueness and spectacular decorate a garden plot.

It is recommended to use such combinations:

  • Stone – wood
  • Forged metal – stone
  • Metal – wood
  • Forged metal and wood with carved patterns

The nuances of decorating the pergola

Украшение перголы вьющимися растениями

The decoration of the pergola climbing plants

Before you decorate a pergola with plants, you need to consult with specialists, or at least get acquainted on the Internet with caring for certain types of plants, because. some are not able to exist in different climatic conditions and requires nursing care.

For our climate it is recommended to use such climbing plants, as: Wisteria, roses, hops, grapes, celastrus etc.

In addition to plants, a pergola must be supplemented with a variety of decorating elements. For example, if the pergola made of stone (monumental), it would be good next to her to put the stone fountain or garden figure. Wood pergola bright complement well or next built of stone Creek.

In General, in order, that would make the pergola more beautiful and unique, you will need to include fantasy and experiment a little. In order, what would inspire you to the original decoration of the pergola, will provide you with some photos of examples of decorated pergolas.

Photo examples of design pergolas

How to make a wooden pergola with your own hands?

Виды пергол

Types of pergolas

For example, wooden pergolas will provide step by step instructions on creating the buildings with their hands:

Step 1 – Be prepared to work

At this stage it is necessary to draft a future pergola, and armed with all necessary tools and materials.

Projects, pergolas may be very diverse: with multilevel roof, sibling, tilted, etc., it all depends on your imagination. The recommended dimensions of the pergola shall be: height not less than 2,5 m, width 1,4 m.

Tools and materials we will need the following:

  • Shovel
  • Hammer
  • Screwdriver
  • Nails or screws on wood
  • Antiseptic
  • Paint and brush
  • Concrete solution
  • hardwood timber not less than 70*70 mm (for the supports)
  • wooden beams 50*50 mm (the cross beam)
  • 2 wooden bar: 100*50 mm 100*100 mm (side member)
  • Tapestry panel

Step 2 – Installation of pergolas

Создание перголы своими руками

Create a pergola with your own hands

First treat all wood parts with antiseptic protective agent and wait until it dries.

Now proceed to the creation of a pergola with your own hands. To start, determine the location for the future building, what would she fit into the overall garden decor and perform a specific function (supported the vineyard or was a place of solitude).

Once you've decided on a place, start digging – there should be 4 in the distance, appropriate to the dimensions of the designed pergola. Depth of holes shall be not less than 60 cm, they set the supporting bars, which need to be concreted with a solution.

Wait a few days, what supports would be frozen and move on to creating designs wooden pergolas. First fasten to the supports of a horizontal beam, it is recommended to use screws, but and brackets, staples, nails.

A very effective way of fastening – "shipovoe connection", when in the end the end of the beam is forced into the tenon and in the place of installation of the beam creates a hole for the spike, causing the installed beam will be more stable.

To the upper horizontal beams attachable cross beam at the same distance from each other.

Конструкция перголы

The design of the pergola

The cross beam is recommended to be nailed, but not at the right angle, and slash, that would make the maximum stability of the structure to wind gusts.

The final touch is attaching the beams to the horizontal trellis beams. You should pay attention to, that mount should be on a small distance from the earth, what would trellis was incapable of rotting in contact with the soil.

Step 3 – Decorate the pergola

Пример готовой перголы

An example of pergola

After, as a wooden pergola will be collected it is necessary to paint and build climbing plants. If the pergola will still be poor, take some time and create some more garden figurines, which is sure to complement garden decor and will make the pergola not so lonely!

Here building a wooden pergola with your own hands and completed! The time you spent not so much, for garden plot added another decorative element of landscape design.

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