Economy version of the garden path: wooden walkway of pallets with their hands

In the courtyard the 21st century and a range of materials, from which to make a garden path with their hands knows no bounds. Manufacturers provide a wide selection of flat natural stones, as well as paving slabs, have a beautiful decorative look. But what to do, if your wallet does not allow to allocate funds for the relatively expensive materials for paving garden paths? A lot of options, and one of them is a garden path from wooden pallets – just, quickly, nice and cheap, what we need!

Wooden garden path of pallets

The first question, you will have: "Where do we get these pallets?". The answer is very simple – their shaft on construction sites, because. the main purpose of pallets is to transport bricks and other building materials to the construction site. I think, the builders won't mind, if you will facilitate their work and take junk pallets for garden paths home.

Деревянная садовая дорожка из европоддонов

Wooden garden path of pallets

Compared to other materials for paving, all costs which you are responsible, it's shipping pallets home, but if you have to own your own truck, these costs are minimized, what you need.

Now explain, why pallets, not just lumber. Well, first, because for free, and this is a good reason.

The second reason lies in the fact, the pallets are made from quite durable woods (pine, birch, aspen), which have relatively high durability, the more, if they open protective antiseptic.

Как выглядит европоддон

Looks like a Euro-pallet

And the third reason is, the pallets consist of bars and planks, having a suitable for garden paths length/width/thickness (considered the standard size 800*1200*145 mm or 1000*1200*145 mm). All you need, to disassemble the pallet and cut the boards on the appropriate segments.

Tools for creating garden paths from pallets

Since the length of the boards, they will lay a wooden garden path, is 80 either 100 cm, they need to be cut, because the optimal width of the track should be about 50 cm (this width will be enough for comfortable walking and moving hand truck).

The same Board must be oshlifovat, process protective equipment and paint.

Based on this, we will need the following tools and materials:

  • Hammer with claw hammer
  • Nails
  • Hacksaw, circulate or chainsaw
  • Gon and roulette
  • Chisel
  • Elektrorubanok
  • Protective antiseptic or bitumastic
  • Paint
  • Brush

The technology of creating a wooden garden path

So, first disassemble the pallets into planks and sticks. Further, all wooden elements are processed with a planer, and reveal protective antiseptic, waiting for, while it dries.

First use wooden sticks, of which produce logs for wood flooring. Step 50 cm throughout the length of the joists, which are fastened along between, vrethem bars of the same cross section (to strengthen the construction). Method of attachment shown in the picture:

Схема крепления лагов

The scheme of fastening of lags

After this finished wooden frame garden paths, it is recommended to cover the bitumen mastic, which, as antiseptic, will protect the wood from premature rotting.

Покрываем лаги мастикой

Cover the joists with mastic

Wooden planks cut to the width of the frame (and he, as we agreed, will be 50 cm) and reveal one side with mastic. The exposed side will be located between the floor and the earth's surface (the bottom of a wooden walkway).

Now start making the frame boards. In order, to ensure a fast flow of water from the track, leave small gaps between the boards (from 1 to 2 cm). Nails need to be embedded as deeply as possible into the Board, because hats can injure the foot, if you walk barefoot on wooden garden path.

Застилаем каркас досками

Cover the frame with boards

When the path of the pallets will fully carpeted, open it with paint of the right color and waiting, until it dries, then you can immediately start walking on the wooden garden path made with your own hands.

Готовая деревянная дорожка

Ready-made wooden track

Recommend that you consider small, but a useful tip: before installing the joists decking on soil, protect it from weeds by using herbicides or "agrosan" and then the weeds will not grow through the gaps between the boards, impairing the appearance of the garden path.

Wooden garden path, made with your own hands can be decorated, landed next to ornamental plants or installing small architectural forms the right style!

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