Category: Waterworks

If you decided to create artificial pond at his summer cottage, the first thing to take care of the base of the reservoir. At the moment there are a variety of materials to create the bowl of the pond with his hands. The article presents a list of the most popular building materials.

If you have a summer cottage on the pond, it is necessary to carry out activities to care for this pond, what would its decorative appearance decorated the garden area. The list of measures to care for the garden pond is provided in this article.

If you are a true lover of nature, the most appropriate hydraulic structure for your suburban area will be a pond with live fish. About, how to make a pond for fish with their hands and what kind of fish can be bred in a private pond, we will discuss in this article.

Decided to build a pool at their summer cottage? It is not easy, but the end justifies the means. In addition to works on the construction of the pool it is necessary to properly implement its water supply. The basics of the water of the pool with their hands are in this article.