Living rooms in classic style

The living room is the room, which serves for the reception, family holidays, and business negotiations.

Special requirements to the design room does not exist, therefore, in each case, the interior room is selected based on the interior of the house.

As for living in classic style, most often this option is used, if the interior of the house in one of these styles, as:

Furniture classic living rooms should be wooden, trim fabric or leather.

The color palette dominated by pastel colors, but darker shades are not prohibited.

Windows, as a rule, spacious, curtains.

The main addition classic living room is a wood-burning fireplace.

Classic living room is no place for bright wall prints and posters, peculiar styles pop art and kitsch.

At the same time an unnecessary luxury, peculiar styles Rococo and antique also not welcome.

Basically living in a classic style to create a adult wealthy people, you see this room, as a place for tea and important business negotiations.

To your attention photo of living room in classic style:

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