The use of water pumps, filters and aerators for pond care

That would be a decorative artificial pond in the summer cottage was attractive and suitable for plant life and fish, you need to exercise extra care using special equipment. This technique allows to keep the pond clean throughout the year, even in the cold winter. Next, we consider the types of equipment for pond, and their purpose.

Equipment for pond

Виды оборудования для пруда

Equipment for pond

Today, there are many functional techniques, which can take care of my pond. Type of equipment depends on the purpose of the pond: if it is just decorative, need filters and pump, if fish, it is moreover necessary to get an aerator.

Among the most popular equipment for pond, be sure to use the following units:

  • Skimmer
  • A water filter
  • Aerator
  • Water pump
  • Authorattribute

Consider in detail the purpose of each type of equipment for a pond.


The purpose of a skimmer is to remove from the surface of the water garden debris, mainly fallen leaves. There are three types of skimmers: stationary (side), floating and fixed stand.

Stationary skimmer applied during the design of the pond, because. its fixation is carried out in the bowl of the pond. The advantage of stationary skimmers is, they are barely noticeable and do not impair the appearance of the pond.

Floating skimmer works even at low water level in the pond.

A skimmer on a fixed stand used, if the pond has a depth of from 0,6 meters. Due to its construction the skimmer on a fixed stand can automatically climb up/down, if the water level in the pond will change.


Filters purify water from various pollutants (mechanical, chemical, biological, etc.)

Applying filters, and certainly at the fish and decorative ponds.

If cleaning filters is not set, for a short period of time the pond will become dirty and its appearance deteriorate.

To date, there are following types of filters to clean pond:

Mechanical filter (cleans the water from algae and other garden debris). The Executive body of the mechanical filter is a special compartment with quartz sand or fine gravel, through which the polluted water. Mechanical filter is installed inside the bowl of the pond.

Filter biological treatment. Is a tank with bacteria and microorganisms, purify the pond by the pollutants, remaining fish food, the remains of algae etc. Filter biological treatment must be installed on the shore of the pond.

The UV filter cleaning presented in the form of a UV lamp, which the radiation purifies the water from bacteria. Cleaning the UV filter must be installed on the shore near the pond.

Water pump

The use of most water filters cannot be performed without such equipment for a pond, as the water pump.

Water pump is used to create fountains, waterfalls, vechnotekuschie streams etc .

Depending on pond volume and height of water flow in the pond, pumps can be submersible and surface.

Submersible pumps water are less powerful, but don't spoil their view of the overall landscape design. If you wish to purify water, or you can create a low fountain, the submersible pump will be quite enough.

Surface pumps are more powerful. They are able to pump a large volume of water and apply it several feet up. The disadvantage of surface pumps is their price, the noise and the fact, that the units need additional protection from bad weather conditions (place in a waterproof shields, do sheds etc.).


If you have created fish pond, without an aerator you can not do. The purpose of the aerator is additional saturation of water with oxygen.

The equipment for a pond to prevent algae blooms, and oxygen starvation of fish and plants.

The aerator design is a compressor with slugocki, which is placed in the pond and releases oxygen.

The following types of aerators:

Bottom aerator. Designed to, to hide this equipment for a pond from the eyes of tourists. All you will see is bubbles of oxygen in the water, the aerator is installed on the bottom and unnoticed functioning.
Surface aerator. Set on the water surface of the pond and floats freely, saturating the water with oxygen. Its disadvantage lies in the fact, that equipment degrades the decorative appearance of the pond, especially if the pond skimmer floats further.


To make care for the pond in the winter, need to get authorattribute for pond. The purpose of authorattribute – to maintain zero temperature of the water in the cold in the winter. This is necessary in order, what would the water enriched with oxygen, which may not reach wintering fish because the crust of ice.

As a rule, authorattribute is installed on the bottom of the pond, better, when the equipment is driven in the soil at 30-35 cm.

That's all the equipment for a pond, must be cottager, with gardening area decorative pond. Each of the assemblies has a relatively small price, therefore, it is better to purchase one-time equipment, rather than spend money each spring for the restoration of the pond!

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