How to make grotto their hands: step by step instructions to build

One of the most original buildings in the garden, which is not often seen on the dacha, is the grotto. Usually, the grotto is complemented monolithic terraces and garden areas, with the elevation changes. The attractiveness of the grotto will inspire you to create the buildings with their hands!

Information about the grotto

The grotto is a shallow cave, having vaulted ceiling. The construction of the grotto will make your suburban area is more mysterious and give antique character.

Вид грота

The grotto

Besides the decorative function, the grotto is still a place of solitude, and a place to relax and take in the overall picture of the garden.

To create a grotto not need a lot of cash and special skills of construction. Enough to have the skills of bricklaying and possess creative thinking and imagination, to help originally decorate this garden building.

In order to make grotto their hands you need to be a considerable amount of natural stone of various shapes and sizes. The most popular stone for the creation of the grotto is considered to be Sandstone, dolomite and granite.

How to create a grotto with his hands

For that would quickly and accurately create the grotto, you should follow these steps:

Step 1- Choose a place for the grotto

Choosing a place for the grotto must be taken into account, the view from the grotto should cover the entire garden plot, a view of the grotto immediately caught the eye of guests.

You can also give your garden area a kind of mystery and hidden grotto in the pleasure place. Imagine, you are enjoying a stroll through the garden and suddenly the thickets of the vineyard or other climbing plant to meet the inconspicuous entrance to the grotto.

If the grotto will serve as a place of solitude, it must be place with a view of the entire garden, but in an inconspicuous corner, that the guests did not suspect about its existence.

Расположение грота

The location of the grotto

In General, as you can see, the location of the grotto at their summer cottage depends entirely on the preferences of the owners.

Step 2 –Determined by the shape and size of the grotto

In our example, we will use the grotto, in retaining wall. The size of the mainsail will be a little more, than the size of the retaining wall – it will give the grotto dominance in the composition. The grotto – hemisphere.

Step 3 – Create a framework grotto

In order, that would go to the creation of the grotto with his own hands, you must first make the frame. It is recommended to apply the trimmed boards or sheets of plywood. You need, what would the skeleton grotto was able to withstand the weight of the stone, which will be laid on top. It should also be note, the internal wall frame is the wall of the cave of the future, therefore, it is desirable, what would the walls were more or less appropriate form. After, as scaffolding will be erected, the perimeter of the poured Foundation (preferably the tape), which will continue to build stone construction.

Step 4 – Laying stone

After, as the Foundation is completely hardens, start laying stone. To do this, prepare the grout (brand M500), viscosity which should resemble the consistency of sour cream. Before, how to apply the solution, the stone must be wet. Masonry stone should be paced not more than 4 rows per day, the design is well solidified and will not warp under the weight of overlying rows.

It should be noted, the design of the grotto is a masonry stone in several layers. After laying the first layer it falls or mesh reinforcement and cover mortar. For complete curing of the structure, it is essential to take a break in 3-4 day.

After the solution hardens, start laying the next layer of stones. This layer is external (facing), so try to make it beautiful shape.

Once the design of the grotto will be posted, leave her alone for 3-4 day, whatever the solution is completely frozen, then bring down the wooden frame, inside and line the wall of the cave (if there is a ledge of a solution, skalyvaniem them).

Step 5 – Decorate the grotto

In order, what would the grotto attracted the attention of guests with its decorative design, you should decorate it. It is recommended to use plants, vases with flowers, standing next to, various garden figures and other small architectural forms.

Inside the grotto you can decorate the walls, using a mosaic of colored glass or stone.

Грот в подпорной стенке

The grotto in retaining wall

If the grotto is in the depths of the soil on the slope, on the surface of the construction you can build the Alpine slide or have another idea for garden, you looked.

The bottom of the grotto, you can pour the pebbles or gravel, and the front part to build a wooden door.

In General, at this stage you should maximize the use of their imagination and creative thinking.

The construction of the grotto with his hands is considered over. As you can see, nothing complicated in this process there.

Фото пример обустройства грота

Photo is an example of the arrangement of the grotto

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