How to make garden stairs from the ground with your hands?

Sometimes, that on a hilly area, where without the use of the garden stairs you can not do, impossible to enter the stairs in the overall composition of the garden decor in the application of brick or natural stone as a building material. Then what to do? Designers have solved this problem just make a ladder from the ground, little strengthen its gravel. Now we will tell you all the nuances of the construction of this idea!

Garden staircase from the ground with your hands

All we need to create such an unusual outdoor stairs this shovel, gravel (you can even decorative) and natural stones.

Садовая лестница из грунта своими руками

Garden staircase from the ground with your hands

So, go to build outdoor stairs with their hands!

The first step is creating a drawing steps, where the specified number of steps, their height, the width and length.

Further, to accurately transfer the dimensions of the drawing on the earth's surface (given the scale). What would othercity border stair use sand or other granular material (for example, Mel).

With a shovel shot on the slope of the soil, but not all (!), and the only one, which will create the outlines of the steps. Shovel see clearly each step and, actually the simplest staircase from the ground ready, her only problem, after the rain, it quickly begins to crumble.

To avoid this, each step of our outdoor stairs strengthen natural flat stones, which also serve as decorative elements.

In addition to the stones just pours all over the stairs of gravel, which we stamp into the soil.

That's all, natural garden stairs from the ground ready! All you need, it periodically repair it with a shovel and new gems! This ladder will fit well in the garden landscape style!

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