How to fold a pile of wood with his hands?

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What is needed woodpile?

Ideal for drying firewood is a designated building (the barn) either, in a pinch, canopy. If for any reason, to make a decent place to store fire wood does not work, it is a very good option would be the creation of the woodpile with their hands.

Металлическая поленница на даче

The metal pile in the country

In addition, that the woodpile is required for drying wood, it can also be used in landscape design. How to do it? It's very simple, need to fold the design is beautiful and in the right place in the garden.

It is recommended to place the storage of firewood in the back yard, close garden paths. This version of the location is "one stone to kill two birds with one stone":

First, will not need to go in bad weather through the entire garden (dirt), and secondly, in the winter time, the wall of wood will save Your time when cleaning the garden path of snow (stack will play the role of barrier).

In addition, this structure can be used as the basis for the table in the barbecue area.

As you can see, the woodpile for firewood can be used in completely different purposes, therefore, to create such element in the garden is quite reasonable.

How to fold an ordinary woodpile?

Materials and tools

In order, that would put the most simple pile of wood with his hands, You will need the following tools:

  • Carpenter's clamp (for convenience)
  • Hammer
  • Circular saw
  • Screwdriver
  • Screws for wood (length depending on thickness of boards)
  • Roulette

The materials to build the frame:

  • Two 3-meter boards, thickness not less than 3 cm, and width 10-15 cm (base)
  • Four 1.5-meter boards of the same thickness and width (the side of the woodpile)
  • One Board length 1 meter, thick 3 cm, width is similar to all other boards.

Once all materials and tools will be collected, go to the main process.

Site preparation

To begin choose a place to pile. It is recommended to install it on a concrete base (if there is one) either, in a pinch, lay out a flat area of red brick.

Such a platform will protect the boards from rotting, which can occur quickly due to the direct contact of the lumber with the ground.

Once the base is prepared, you need to add the frame stack.

The creation of the frame

For the beginning meter Board cut 4 equal parts (at 25 cm). These short boards are required to create cross frame. If the length of the logs in the woodpile will be less, than 25 cm, boards need to be shortened, that they were shorter stacked material.

Now you need to assemble the frame. What would You could clearly see all the technology, we recommend you to view this video lesson, which shows all the intricacies of the carpentry work with the use of a screwdriver and clamp:

Video: how to make a pile with their hands

After creating a frame you must carry out installation of the woodpile.

Technology placement

Stacking the woodpile with his own hands is no less important event, than the creation of the frame. From, how well you fold the sticks, will depend on the stability of the structure, and accordingly, and durability.

It is recommended to stack the logs closely to each other, with the bottom to put the long and straight lumber. The maximum height of our woodpile – 1 meter 30 cm. The top is allowed to impose on a hill not more than 20 cm in height. When laying, follow the stability of the structure. If the wood will begin to warp the frame, better to play it safe and remove the excess materials.

Please note that, that loose laying pile after drying wood will have an effect, because. materials shrink in volume and form voids, which the whole building may collapse.

That's the whole technology of creating and styling a simple woodpile for firewood. As you can see, nothing complicated, the main thing to do this kind of work efficiently, the conscience.

Готовая поленница

The finished woodpile

It should be noted, the disadvantage of this design lies in the fact, she's not protected from rain and snow. For protection you can put two slate sheet, in advance of making a small ramp from wood, to ensure water runoff. Note that, what is the width of one sheet is 113 cm, so it must either be cut in half (along), or to make a display of wood in two or three rows.

How to fold a round woodpile?

To create a round stack would take more time, but this design looks much more beautiful. Now we consider the most simple technology of the installation of such facilities.

Пример круглой поленницы

An example of a round stack

Materials and tools

To fold the round pile with their hands we will need the following materials and tools:

  • Plastic film
  • Roulette
  • Nail
  • Rope
  • Marker

Except the logs are no more materials not required, ie. the frame is missing.

Substrate preparation

First we need to prepare the ground. In our example, the laying to be carried out on the ground, therefore, it is necessary to prepare: to remove excess debris and level.

Next on the prepared ground, laid plastic film, which will protect the logs from direct contact with the soil. Since the object is round, excess foil should be cut. For this center piece trying to drive a nail, and fasten one end of the rope. To the second end of the rope to fix the marker and vnatyazhku create the outline of the circle. All excess cut away, then the ground under the pile is considered ready.

Technology placement

In order, to fold round the pile with his own hands, you must first exactly to put the sticks in a circle, within the film. Please note that, what is the first number you need to lay out with maximum care and attention. If the number is uneven, it's sure to be displayed on the stability and appearance of the whole structure.

Выкладка первых полметра

Display the first two feet

After laying the first row you need to repeat this action until, while the height of the building will not be two feet. After this you need to fill in the space inside. There's nothing complicated there – on the internal diameter of the spread material, watching, what would sticks went smoothly.

Then again, you must go to the computation of the outer ring round the woodpile and carry out this event until then, until you gain the desired height of the structure. If the pile is too high (about 1,5 meter), it is necessary to alternate the display of the external and internal ring, that would not have created difficulties in laying.

In the end, proceed to create the roof round the bundles of firewood. For this we recommend You make the inner ring slightly above the external and using dostochek to put the roof type shingles (as shown in the picture).

Так может выглядеть крыша

So it may look like a roof

If You doubt the stability of the structure, recommended sides to dig wooden poles, which will serve as a kind of supports!

How to make a simple stack?

A simple variant of the woodpile is a building design, as in the first embodiment, but without the frame. The base will serve as Board, and on the sides you can make stops with the same logs, by laying, as shown in the picture.

Простая поленница

A simple woodpile

This option is not inferior to the resistance and thus more easy to create!

Photo of a beautiful stacks of firewood

We offer to Your attention the most interesting photo of a beautiful stacks of firewood. Such designs are not something that would complement the landscape design of the plot, and even become its main element – the "highlight":

We also recommend you to see the ideas garden decoration!

Video: how to make a pile with their hands
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