How to Choose the Best Underground Pool Shape for Your Backyard

If you decide to build a pool in the backyard of your house, you have a lot of interesting solutions ahead of you. Turning your pool ideas from a dream into a real reality is an exciting activity! Solutions, which you accept, also separate your pool from others, making it something really yours.

One such solution is to choose the right shape of the pool.. You want to make sure, that you have chosen the shape of the pool, which suits your style preferences, And also fits your yard as with aesthetic, and from a logistical point of view. While some homeowners enter the process with a clear idea of whether, what they want, others are looking for some ideas and want to know any possible factors, which they must take into account when making a decision. In this article, we'll talk about, how to choose the best shape of the recessed pool, so that you can be sure, what made the best choice. When your pool is ready for swimming, you want to love every detail in it, including its shape.

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Options for the shape of the pool

The pool style you choose can be natural, Smooth (with curves) or more modern, direct and linear. Linear basins have a rectangular shape, but there are even some preferences for the size/length of the edges.

You can also make something completely customized and use a unique form., for example, horse's head, Guitar, piano or any other form, which corresponds to your personality and your preferences.

Which of these options is right for you, depends on several important factors.

Let's look at some considerations., which you should keep in mind, when you ultimately come to a decision about the best shape of the pool for you.

Your personal design preferences

In General, most people tend to gravitate toward either the modern straight-line looking., or to the natural, smooth appearance, which will help you identify, what shape of the pool is right for you. Your personal preferences will go a long way in making this decision.. Actually, you, probably, have already made decisions regarding their home and landscape, which correspond to your personal preferences.

Ambient landscape style

Of course, it also helps to take into account the architectural style of the house and the rest of the landscaping.. Which form of underground pool will best complement the, what is already there? Again, you, probably, have already made these decisions and want to, to make your pool match that, what is already there.

Available space

The shape of the yard itself and the available space are also factors., affecting the shape of the underground pool. Where will you place the pool and what other opportunities for outdoor living do you plan to use??

This may affect, what type of pool shape is best for your space as a whole.

Functionality and plans for the use of the pool

Ultimately,, it, how you plan to "use" your pool, can also affect the choice of the correct shape of the pool. The obvious answer is to "swim.", but in fact people use their pools for many other purposes..

  • You have children, who will use the pool for swimming/playing?
  • You Need a Deep End, which is deep enough for safe diving?
  • Will someone use the pool for lap swimming, for exercises?
  • Can you imagine, that you rest more, than you swim?

All these factors can play a role in choosing the right shape of the pool and ensuring that, so that you can make full use of your pool.

Plans for pool features

The features of the swimming pool are also very important for your overall use and enjoyment of the pool., plus they should be considered when choosing a form. For example, "edge with a cliff" is best suited for a linear pool. Though that doesn't mean, that you can't have a straight edge for an edge with a cliff and a curve somewhere else. One of the amazing things about creating an individual pool is that, that it can really be one of a kind and limited only by your imagination.

Other potential features, which you might consider, Include:

  • Entrance to the beach;
  • Tanning tabs;
  • Features of water;
  • Attached or separate spa;
  • The lighting in the pool;
  • Unique depths (for example, one depth, deep end in the middle or very deep end);
  • Stone wall or caves.

Plans around the pool

You'll also want to consider the features around the pool., as they will affect your overall space and, therefore, can play a role in choosing the right shape of the pool. These features around the pool are ultimately just as important., as well as the pool itself, because they keep you in space longer and make your stay in it more enjoyable.

these features may include the following:

  • Patio by the pool;
  • Summer kitchen;
  • Pavilion or pergola;
  • Supporting walls;
  • Tracks and steps;
  • Features of fire;
  • Poolhouse.

Choosing the right shape of the pool comes down to an individual choice.

Obviously, that there are many things, which should be taken into account when choosing the shape of the underground pool. But it's important to remember, that you wouldn't have an abundance of options, if you didn't choose a non-standard.

With fiberglass pool you're really stuck just in shape and size, which can fit on the truck (since this type of pool is manufactured in a factory and sent to your home). But they are quick to install and relatively inexpensive., have a lot of their advantages.

That is why the best material for individual pools is shotcrete, which allows you to choose something non-standard and super-individual.

When building a shotcrete pool, builders of individual pools begin by digging a hole and installing plumbing.. Rebar mesh is used in shotcrete pools (steel reinforcing rods), which is then sprayed with shotcrete mass (cement and sand mixture). Torque will be smoothed, and then completely dried, before a smooth coating is applied to the rough surface.

When you build a pool of shotcrete concrete, you can really fully customize it for yourself and even create a completely unique design, such as guitar or horse head! You're also not limited in size. If you need a large and very long pool, you can achieve this with shotcrete concrete, since you are not limited to topics, what is suitable for truck.


In the end, the shape of the pool is just one of many options, which you will choose for your pool. With such an important project, like this one, you really want to make sure, that you are in good hands, and chose an excellent guide, which will help you make every decision.

We know, that there's a lot to think about, and it can be overwhelming.. That's why we're here., to assist you in choosing. As you go,, how you get closer to making decisions, concerning your swimming pool, we can help you become your knowledgeable guides, which guarantee, that you will be satisfied with the final result.

With the right guidance, leading your pool building experience, you can be sure, that your dream will come true this way, how you dreamed, or, possible, even better.

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