Garden in modern style – how to choose plants and trees

Modern style, which in the end 19 – early 20 century replaced the eclecticism. The main idea is the integrity and content of the form, as well as a complex range of a large number of shades.

растительный мир для сада в стиле модернAs for plants, which should be carefully selected for a garden plot in modern style, they should not be much and, moreover, accommodation must be very thoughtful. The flora of this garden plays a dominant role, because it creates the comfort and pleasure during relaxation. Understand, what plants need to decorate the "modernist" garden.

Trees for garden in modern style

Деревья для сада в стиле модерн

The photo shows suitable trees for garden in modern style.

For this style of garden you need to choose trees with unusual crown shape, bright color of leaves, original drawing of the branches. You need to place them along the contours of the garden, groups, in order not to clutter up all available space. It is recommended to select trees, which are familiar to decorate areas (for our conditions this weeping willow, birch, ash, Linden). It is also very effectively to fit in with the overall composition of a pyramidal poplar, cypresses and arborvitae, which will give the garden sophistication. Not prohibited ornamental pruning (the main thing, that the crown was succinct and smooth).

TUI in the garden

TUI in the garden art Nouveau.

Flowers and shrubs for the modern style in the garden

Цветы и кустарники "модернистского сада"

Flowers and shrubs “modernist garden”.

As for the bushes, popular for garden in modern style are considered climbing roses, hydrangeas and rhododendrons. Very elegant looks white, blue and lilac iris. Often modernist garden decorated with lilies, daffodils, hollyhock and Phlox, that harmoniously blend with the lawn. Colors of shrubs and flowers can be very diverse, the main thing, what would the plants were planted by the groups, and did not contradict each other.

Climbing plants in modernity

The leader among the vines of the garden in art Nouveau style are the creeper. They are well integrated into the composition and give it smooth lines. Among other suitable climbing plants emit:

  • Hops
  • Ivy
  • Parthenocissus
  • Morning glory
  • Clematis
  • Sweet peas

Photo parthenocissus lush greenery covering the entire facade of the house

In the photo, the arch decorated with clematis and grapes devicem.

The beds in the art Nouveau style

Garden in modern style is not acceptable to fruit trees or vegetable beds, but does not prohibit the cultivation of medicinal, spicy and culinary plants. Among them: Melissa, Basil, curly parsley, ornamental Kale, mint, salad etc.

Aromatic plants

Ароматические растения

The photo of aromatic plants in the garden art Nouveau.

Very welcome in the garden of the art Nouveau style aromatic plants. That's just the right need thus, that they do not annoy others like you. Sweet sugary smell will provide fragrant tobacco and Jasmine, tart – lavender, saffron and Basil.

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