Creative idea for the garden: Avenue of pergolas with their hands

Pergolas are one of the small architectural forms, who are unable by themselves to decorate the garden. Companion pergolas are decorative climbing plants, gives the landscape design a more luxurious and impressive views. We have already seen, how to make a wooden pergola with your own hands, it isn't complicated. And now a more interesting idea – alley of pergolas, which are attached to the fence panels. Not an easy task, but the result is impressive. So, go to the technology of creation of Avenue of wooden pergolas with their hands.

The purpose of the pergola for a suburban area

аллея из пергол своими руками

Avenue of pergolas with their hands

Pergolas are structures, employees for growth and expansion of ornamental climbing plants. Besides the function of decoration of the garden, pergola also perform a protective function, namely:

  • Protect from wind and sunlight, sometimes, even from minor rain
  • Serve as a hedge from the prying eyes of neighbors
  • Act as a place of solitude for communication, tea etc.
  • Are well protected area

With regard to avenues of pergolas, this simple design decision makes the garden so unique, beautiful and at the same time fenced, it makes sense to build them a suburban area.

Вид аллеи из пергол

A view of the alley from pergolas

It should be noted, what material costs will be required is not small, because. will be used enough lumber, protective equipment themselves climbing plants.

The technology of creating avenues of wooden pergolas with their hands

A set of necessary materials and tools

Among the tools, we need to create pergolas, allocate:

  • Jigsaw
  • Elektrorubanok
  • Screwdriver
  • Electric drill
  • Hammer (conventional and mallet)
  • Building level
  • Roulette (not less than 5 m) and plumb
  • Drill bits for wood
  • Hacksaw
  • Sandpaper
  • Chisels
  • Shovel or garden drill
  • Rammer
  • Fasteners (nails, screws for wood, metal corners)
  • Protective antiseptic tool
  • Brush
  • Gravel and sand (to create drainage)

Well, with lumber to create avenues of pergolas with their hands are:

  • Timber 100*100 mm (length less than 3,2 meter: 0,8 in the ground and 2,4 m in height)
  • Timber 45*25 mm
  • Cutting Board 100*50 mm
  • Cutting Board 100*25 mm
  • Reiki to create the crates (thickness and width at the discretion of the)

It should be noted, the number of beams and planks you should count independently based on the project, the pergola and the number of pergolas in the alley. Before you start to build the pergola, all lumber should be treated with a protective antiseptic and wait until it dries.

Instruction on creation of the alley of pergolas with their hands

It should be noted, the technology is still quite laborious and requires high-quality execution of each step, so:

  1. Make a drawing diagram with exact installation dimensions of the support pillars, and the number of rafters and other structural elements.
  2. Using a drill or bayonet shovels make shallow, which will be placed in the support. Depth of holes should be not less than 1 meter.
  3. On the bottom of the pit to create a drainage layer of gravel and sand. First, the sand (pillow 10 cm), it watered and well we stamp. After the sand fall asleep yet 10 cm of crushed stone and also stamps.
  4. Install the bars into the pit. Be sure to install the boards vertically and to the same depth, what would be the top of the construction was the same. Before installing the beams it is necessary to anneal or a coat of molten bitumen, and the top wrap roofing material, for the implementation of the waterproofing. In order, that would follow the slope of the bars (must be strictly a right angle), must use Builder's level plumb. Installed beams can be either concrete, or just lay gravel and sand and well compacted, it's all at your discretion.
  5. Once the supports are installed, you need to top bonding between them peppered beams. At the top of the pillars is cut a groove, the width of the transverse and planks driven into the slot with a mallet. To create the groove we use the jigsaw. For additional reinforcement, you can use the mount with screws.
  6. Next, create a crate.. This lath crates fastened to the supporting joists with screws and metal corners, using a screwdriver.
  7. Now proceed to create the rafters. To do this, take a wooden beam 45*25 mm, cut a groove in it under the cross beam and under "skate", which will be under the intersection of two rafters. Rafters must be secured using screws, which should be longer than it is wide 2-2,5 times. Initially created the first and last rafters, and after they had rest, at an equal distance from each other according to the drawing.

    Вид козырька пергол

    Kind of visor.

  8. Now the painted wood elements with paint to taste and wait, until it dries.
  9. Design avenues of pergolas ready. All that remains, this is to equip them climbing plants and enjoy the long-awaited beauty of a new garden!

The creation of the alley of pergolas with their hands is over.. Of course, the, but the result is worth it, therefore, we wish you patience and inspiration on this idea for garden!

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