The music of the wind with their hands – original ideas for home mascot

The mascot "music of wind" is not only an original decoration for the infield or at home, but also an accessory, which will help you to transform negative energy into positive.

Музыка ветра своими рукамиOf course, what store-bought "music of wind" is not unique and is unlikely to surprise anyone, but if you try to make music of the wind with their hands from improvised means, then sure we can talk about the uniqueness of this home accessory. All you need is the desire, a little creative thinking and some improvised. If you don't know, how to make a wind chime myself, material which is below, you obviously useful!

Option number 1 – Autumn music wind

Осенняя музыка ветра

Autumn music wind

Осенняя музыка ветра

If you are a person, who likes autumn – this version of the design of the music of the wind is clearly for you. With a small gust of wind, you will hear autumn coming quietly the noise of the colored leaves.

All you need to create music the autumn wind with your own hands is:

  • Thread
  • Colorful maple leaves
  • 2 sticks
  • Beads or other decorations

Begin with 2 sticks, crossed them, place crossed tightly tied with thread. The resulting cross will serve in order, what would it have suspended the leaves.

Next, begin stringing on the thread of various leaves and beads. All it needs is your creativity, because you can do it as you like, the main thing, to make original and beautiful. Preferably at the end of the thread to tie a bead heavier, the upstream and the leaves are alternate sizes.

Thus, produce 8 threads and tied them to the crosspiece. Ready the autumn wind chime set front door or on the porch and enjoy the autumn noise!

Option # 2 – wind chimes from bamboo with his own hands

Музыка ветра из бамбука своими руками

A wind chime made from bamboo with his own hands

Music of wind, made of bamboo, will not only be unique, but also incredibly beautiful. That's just one problem – a real bamboo is not very easy to get, and we talked initially about the handy tools and creative thinking! Do a trick – go to the hardware store, buy there cardboard tubes or studs and cut them out the segments of different lengths. One of the slices do under the angle, the second level. From the smooth cut make two holes, necessary for mounting the construction. The number of tubes, only at your discretion, the main thing, that would look neat and beautiful.

Next, begin to paste the workpiece with several layers of paper. That would make the nodes of the bamboo – glued to the top ring of the cord and also to seal the paper. Thereafter, the blank should be filled by, dried and eskoriatza.

Now proceed to the color "bamboo". We need acrylic paint of various shades, similar to the color of bamboo. Coloring blanks, nodes podkashivaet color darker.

After everything has dried, with a rope connecting all tubing and suspended any invented way in the veranda. Here is a wind chime made of bamboo and finished!

Option # 3 – the Music of the wind in the style of Feng Shui with their hands

Музыка ветра в стиле Фэн-шуй своими руками

The music of the wind in the style of Feng Shui with their hands

All you need is rope, clapper (any one you like) actually the metal tube. The latter may be made of copper, chrome, aluminum, steel, of brass or other metal, the main thing, that would sound nice. Beautiful sound create a tube from a vacuum cleaner or chrome tube. After selecting components of the music of the wind, go to manufacture.

For a start mode of the tube into segments of desired length. Then make a mount for the pipe (best place – 22,4% from the end of the pipe, then the point of vibration will be the best). On the measured location of the drill hole and hung up with tape or rope. After, as the suspension of all tubing, select the mallet. She needs to hit the center of the tubes, the sweeter the tongue, the softer the sound will be at impact. Optionally, you can apply several mallets.

Option # 4 – Music of the wind from birch bark

Музыка ветра из бересты

Music wind from birch bark

In China, the most popular plant – bamboo. That's why air the bells of the Eastern population decided to do bamboo. What plant is popular Slavs? Right, birch! So why not make a wind chime from clay?

To start harvesting birch bark dust, either washed it and dried, or just wipe with a cloth.

Further, bark mode at the same rectangles. Scissors make it pretty easy and not problematic.

Take a hole punch and punched them folded in half, the bark, threaded through hole dyed raffia and sew envelopes. Fix the raffia knots.

In the envelope inserted a small tube

Now make the basis of the composition. It will serve as a birch branch, we drilled five holes, at an equal distance from each other. Undyed raffia woven in thread and tie in knots.

The upper area of the punched hole of the envelopes which are hung from braids of raffia, fix a simple knot. To each tube, pour a little water and put the plant.

That's all, the music of the wind in the Slavic style ready, enjoy the quiet sound of birch!

Option # 5 – Music of wind of banknotes and coins

Музыка ветра из купюр и монет

Music wind of banknotes and coins

Cash music wind not only decorates the house, but, considered, which improves the welfare of the owners, pulling into their life wealth. So why not make such a useful talisman in your house?

To start mastering design, which will be the suspended money.. Decorate mobile recommended material red color. Further suspended on cart nine laminated bills, and the bell in the center, which activates the fiery energy. You can also hang different coins, where you need to drill small holes. With regard to the denomination of the bills, the special role he plays. You can make money wind chime from all your favorite bills (dollars, hryvnia, Euro, rubles). That's actually ready your cash mascot, faith in him and the fact, all made by hand, will definitely bring monetary benefits to your cozy house.

Some examples of the handwritten registration of the music of the wind

If absolutely no creative thinking and all that is written above did not help, then perhaps you will inspire other people's ideas of music wind with their hands? Then look, remember, recreate!

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