The peculiarities of the creation of a regular garden on a country site

Regular garden, also known as the formal garden. Its main feature is the subordination of all elements of decor, order and rigor, as well as allocating them a special place. In this garden are not welcome savings, on the contrary, every detail needs to be elegant and luxurious. The material for the decorative elements must also be luxurious. Ideally, this marble, bronze, woodcarving, art forging etc.

Дизайн регулярного сада

The design of the regular garden is the complete opposite of the English landscape garden. Its décor is welcomed symmetrical planting of shrubs and trees, clear straight boundaries of the lanes and alleys, difficult partners, diverse water features and a variety of classic small architectural forms. All of these elements of decoration of the garden do regular garden orderly, solemn and great!

The story of a regular garden

Регулярный садовый стиль

Regular garden style

Regular garden style reached its popularity in France in 17 century, at that time, when there was the apogee of absolutism. This style was closely associated with the name of Louis XIV, therefore, sometimes called French garden style.

The basic idea of landscape design in the formal garden – the conquest of nature, suppression of chaos and a celebration of beauty with the help of "eversion" of the design to the smallest detail.

In the past centuries with a regular garden style designed garden area palaces and castles, which it was necessary to emphasize the greatness of the natural ensembles and monumental of the entire area.

Himself Louis XIV, andré Le nôtre, made an enormous contribution to the development of French garden style. Among his greatest creations, you can highlight parks of Vaux-Le-Vicomte, Fontainebleau, The Palace of Versailles and Chantilly.

Regular garden style of our time

Регулярный садовый стиль нашего времени

Regular garden style of our time

To date, the design of the landscape with a regular garden style is to emphasize the mansions, built antique and classic with sculptural elements, terraces and balustrades. The technology of creating a garden in the French style is highly time consuming and costly, therefore, to meet the full composition is extremely difficult. Often you can see elements of this style, written in a different style.

The peculiarities of the French regular garden

1. The scale of the garden

Масштабность регулярного сада

The magnitude of the regular garden

Due to the fact, that formal style is used for the decoration of the garden palaces and castles, the scale of the garden, of course, huge. The purpose of the regular garden – a long walk, which is replete with beautiful paintings and an infinity of different "performances". It should be noted, on a small garden plot to create a regular garden is very difficult, because. décor elements will only "clog" the space, which should create the effect of spaciousness. As an important aspect in creating a garden is the surface area. It must be perfectly smooth and flat, so if in your garden there are considerable irregularities, they should be removed with a special excavation works.

2. Geometric

Геометричность регулярного сада

Geometric, regular style garden

Regular garden style characterized by a symmetrical composition. Axis of symmetry is the house. One of the main components of style – parter (the open space on the site, a lawn, flower beds and flower beds). The background is a parterre lawn, you want to carefully watch. You should pay attention to, the French garden is not allowed the chaotic arrangement of the elements of the decor. In General, when creating this style need help of professional designers, who have relevant experience and delicate taste.

3. The flora of the regular garden

Растительный мир регулярного сада

The flora of the regular garden

As for plants, the components of the regular garden style, it is necessary to choose such representatives, which remain green all year round. A good solution for a formal garden are monoside from the same plant species. These include iridary, serenari and the rose garden. That would break a regular garden into zones, use green corridors, rooms and mazes, which are created using hedges. One of the popular design techniques for the formal style is the creation of topiary shapes (topiary is the process of cutting trees and shrubs to give them a different unique shapes: balls, cones, pyramids).

4. Ponds

Водоем в регулярном саду

Body of water in a regular garden

One of the main elements of the formal garden is a pond. It will perfectly complement a garden plot, blending in with all the rest of the decor. The main thing, what would the shape of the reservoir was the appropriate formal style. It is recommended to create reservoirs round, oval and rectangular. The coastline should be clear, optional decorated with vegetation.

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