Features of the care of a pond in autumn, winter and spring

In addition to the usual measures for the care of the pond: cleaning and disinfection of water from spring to autumn, it is also necessary to take additional measures, such as conservation pond for the winter, winter aeration and spring clean. Next, we'll talk about that, how to ensure the functionality and cleanliness of the artificial pond at the dacha.

Caring for the pond in the fall

Технология ухода за прудом

Technology of care of the pond

Autumn is famous for the fact, the leaves begin to fall from the trees. And as we know fallen into the water leaves, not only degrade the appearance of the pond, but it is subjected to biological contamination. As a result of long stay of leaves in the water, they begin to decompose and form sludge, and contribute to the emergence of various bacteria, violates livelihoods fish and plants in the pond.

To protect the pond from fallen leaves can be installed in the water special filters mechanical cleaning. Cheaper option – protection of pond chicken wire mesh, which will need occasionally to clean away the layer of leaves.

After, like the leaves of autumn will end, it is necessary to manually clear the pond from all garden waste, to ensure the cleanliness of the pond during winter preservation.

Next, you need to dismantle all the equipment for cleaning and disinfection of the pond, because. in winter, it can fail when severe frosts.

Another event – the relocation of plants and fish, who are not able to spend the winter, the room. Plants transplanted into containers and carry to the cellar. Fish move into aquarium, which fill with water from the pond.

Then plants and fish, which still remain to winter, you must also prepare for the winter period. The roots of the plants transplanted in the deeper part of the pond. And that would carry out the flow of air during the winter in the water column, installed water aerators. They are recommended to be buried at 25-30 cm in the soil at the bottom.

The same can be installed in a pond special authorattribute, which will not allow water to freeze in sub-zero temperatures.

Well, the last event to care for a pond in autumn – installation of expansion joints the expansion of ice. As we know, water freezing expands significantly. For pond this is a negative factor, because. often in winter, is violated not only waterproofing the walls, but the whole structure is exposed to destruction, which entails costly repairs in the spring. It is in order, to prevent harmful effects of ice, it is recommended to set a bowl of special expansion joints expansion. Factory option – legacimusic items of Styrofoam, but their price is relatively high. To save is recommended to use the compensators of expansion means: rubber ball, plastic bottles etc.

Пример компенсаторов расширения

Example of expansion joints expansion

Caring for the pond in the winter

Уход за прудом зимой

Caring for the pond in the winter

That would take care of the pond at the cottage in winter, you only have to run one event – to break the crust of ice over the pond.

In any case it is impossible to break the ice a sharp heavy instrument: an axe or a crowbar, because. loud thuds stun fish, left to spend the winter. In this case, it is recommended to create a hole, laying on ice, hot items, for example, heated pot or bucket with hot water.

If you install in the pond authorattribute, problems care the pond in winter is almost not there.

The care of the pond spring

With the coming of spring you will have to devote a lot of time to return the pond to its working position.

To begin, remove water expansion compensators, they will not be useful until next fall.

You must then inspect the pool for damage and if any, to repair them. If the bowl of an artificial pond waterproofing damaged and broken, you must drain all the water and seal the cracks, thus by placing the fish in the aquarium.

It is further recommended to carry out chemical, biological and mechanical cleaning of the pool, better yet, drain the water and pour new. In a pinch, it is allowed to drain only half of the dirty water and dilute it clean.

Очистка пруда весной

Pond cleaning in the spring

Just don't forget to put all necessary cleaning equipment and disinfectant in the pond, launching them.

Well, in the end, return not wintered plants and fish in its place.

If you have fully repaired the pond and its inhabitants, in order to retain the ecosystem is recommended to use special medications quick action, for a small period of time will allow you to create new flora and fauna in your pond.

Here, actually, and all the features of the care of the pond at the cottage during the autumn, the winter and spring period. Keep the pond, and then your structure would be acceptable habitat for aquarium fish and plants!

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