Building amenities for cottages: shed out of concrete blocks and wood with their hands.

The first outdoor construction, which must be present on the dacha, is the barn, or in other words, hozblok. Its benefit lies in the fact, at that time, when you will build a dwelling in the country, all necessary tools can be stored in the shed, and when the house will be built, the barn can be used as a chicken coop, the pantry, place for wood storage etc. In order to build a shed for the garden your hands will not require a lot of time and money, so now we will provide you with all the necessary information in order, what would you yourself made a convenient utility area.

A suitable place for a country barn

Сарай для дачи своими руками

A shed for the garden with their hands

As a shed for the garden will serve you for more than one decade, it must be built in a convenient location, that would kind of HOMESTEAD area is not spoiled, and it was convenient to exploit this build. To begin, you must provide a complete draft of all elements of the country's territory, based on this project, necessary determined by the location of the barn. Some gardeners prefer to place in a residential home, what would the barn did not catch the eye of guests, on the contrary other decorative decorate hozblok and place it in the center of the courtyard for all to see. Therefore, the location of the barn, in the first place, will depend on your preferences, based, leaning on the barn, purpose etc.

Types of sheds for the garden

Today it is more expedient to construct the following types of sheds:

  • The barn economy class from unedged boards
  • Barn of brick
  • Wooden shed
  • Shed from the foam block

Briefly consider the advantages of each type.

Сарай эконом класса своими руками

The barn economy class with your own hands

As for shed economy class, its main advantage is very low cost and high speed of installation. This outbuilding will serve only a temporary building at that time, while the main housing is built or repaired. Economical shed to build even without Foundation, just placing it on wide bars or pallets, what would the bottom is not rotten. The total time of the erection of this building is no more than two days, and features of construction of the following:

  • The optimal dimensions are: length 2 m, width 3 m, height 2,4 m.
  • The option of roof – shed, covered with roofing felt or tar paper
  • A manufacturing material – a framework of bars, mill Board sheathed
  • Decorate hozblok recommended climbing plants in kaslo or trellis

As for the shed of brick, its main advantage is durability, the strength and blend with the overall garden decor. Building a shed of brick requires the construction of strip Foundation, the correct choice of the location of buildings, wall insulation, floor and roof, and also the use of substantial financial means. However, if you build a shed for the garden with his own hands using bricks, this building will serve you not one year and can be used for various purposes (as storage space, workshop, garden house).

Сарай из кирпича своими руками

Barn of brick with their hands

Wooden shed timber is one of the most popular and cost-effective options shed, and the shed from the foam block will be able to last longer, so focus on that, how to build a shed from concrete blocks and wood, because. the last time the cottagers choose between the options of the construction.

Деревянный сарай для дачи

Wooden shed for the garden

Construction of shed for cottages of foam blocks with their hands

Today this building material, as the foam block is a very popular and competitive material. Its main advantage is the speed of installation and high durability (at least 25 years). Not the prosperity of the foam block is its high cost and the requirement of professional assistance in the construction of the structure.

Consider instruction to build shed out of concrete blocks with their hands:

  1. To begin preparing the area for the future Foundation: remove the debris and remove the soil (not less than 50 cm).
  2. After that, start to fill the strip Foundation (finished Foundation needs to fully harden for several days, if the fill is carried out in hot weather, then be sure to pour fresh water Foundation, that would not have been drying up and cracking solution).
  3. When the Foundation dries, you need to shoot him a waterproofing material. It is best to use a roofing material.
  4. Preparing the mortar for masonry foam blocks. You need to use a cement-sand mortar with the ratio 1:4
Стены из пеноблока

Walls of foam blocks

  1. Start laying foam blocks, it is necessary to implement corner, only after their construction we now turn to raising the walls. When laying the foam block, it is necessary to use a plumb line and level of construction, the design was perfectly flat in the horizontal, and in the vertical plane. Don't forget to leave room for doors and Windows.
Конструкция сарая и пеноблока

Shed design and foam block

  1. Go to the roof. To do this, use any of the popular roofing materials (slate, corrugated sheet, metal roofing). The design of the roof may be lean-to, and saddle, but it is better to use the last option, because. it is more attractive.
Строительство крыши

The construction of the roof

  1. Approaching the final, insert doors and Windows, build and insulate a floor.

  1. So in conclusion, go decorating: external and internal part of the walls plasterer? (internal you can just drywall sheathing), develop the area near amenities garden figurines and other architectural forms.
Использование сайдинга

The use of siding

That's all, the barn of foam blocks with their hands is considered to be built. If necessary, conduct him to the grid and enjoy a handwritten garden construction!

How to build a wooden shed for the garden

Let us first consider a simpler design country amenities, namely the construction of a shed economy class on the dacha.

How to build a simple wooden shed following:

  1. Prepare the site for the future of the barn (remove the debris and paved area with gravel)
Фундамент для сарая

The Foundation for the barn

  1. In the corners of the planned construction of a dig 4 three-meter pillars on the 60 cm in the soil. The lower part of the pillars of the future should be insulated from premature rotting (on the Internet lots of options for insulation, for example, with the help of roofing). Back posts definitely do 15-20 see below, to make the slope of the water.

  1. Carried out the bottom and top rail design with bars 50*50 mm and a level. Both strapping needs to be on 10 cm below/above the upper/lower edge of the construction.
Создаем конструкцию

Create the design

  1. Create another harness, center, between the previous two
  2. Preparing design boards, which must be nailed vertically. Be sure to create boards in the openings for doors and Windows.
Зашиваем сарай досками (вариант горизонтального расположения досок)

Suture the barn boards (option horizontal arrangement of the boards)

  1. Go to the roof of the roof. To do this, fasten 3 the bar on the top rail (they will be as rafters). The distance between the bars should be the same. Further rafters to sew up the planks and build on their roofing (lapping at 5 cm between the joints). Sheets of roofing material definitely fixed by means of bars, which are nailed across the roof. Don't forget to build a rainwater.
  2. Installed doors and Windows, rolling out the floor, construct shed interior fixtures (shelves, lockers, etc.)
  3. Processed all design antiseptic, which protect the shed from premature decay.
  4. Decorate built with his own hands shed for garden using vases with flowers, fakes etc.
Готовый сарай эконом класса

The finished shed economy class

As you can see, building a shed economy class with your own hands is not particularly difficult, total time can be 4-5 hours, material costs will not exceed 1500 UAH, and service life reaches 6 years. Just, cheap, conveniently!

Well, more durable wooden shed for the garden can be constructed as follows:

  1. As in the previous embodiment, prepare the terrain for future construction
подготавливаем фундамент сарая

prepare the Foundation of a barn

  1. The Foundation is columnar, to do this, tearing holes for the supporting pillars (depth of about 1,5 m), set them in asbestos pipes and using concrete and mortar (2 the amount of cement, 4 fraction of crushed stone and 3 the proportion of sand) fill the Foundation. In order for the solution froze, will need at least 3-4 day.
  2. Before the erection of a wooden shed design, all design elements are processed antiseptic, which protect the shed from rot and insect damage.
  3. Erected a frame barn of wooden bars. Immediately it is recommended to do the lower harness and the joists for the floor.
  4. To the bottom rail nailed to the uprights, to which next, you need to nail the top rail. The number of racks is calculated as follows: at 2 on each window and door and 4pcs. on the corners.
  5. Erected the roof, using the previous version.
Возведение крыши из досок

The construction of the roof boards

  1. Sheathed design with edging boards, then insert doors and Windows.
Обшиваем конструкцию деревянного сарая

Sheathed design of a wooden barn

  1. Edged boards are sew up the lining, or using the siding
  2. And how to build a shed economy class, in the end, create the internal construction of the fixture (shelves, lockers, etc.).
Финальные штрихи построения деревянного сарая

Final touches build a wooden shed

Building a more durable wooden shed for the garden with your own hands is completed. This building will serve to you about 20 years, despite the fact that material costs for construction does not exceed 4000 UAH.

Will give you video about that, how to make a wooden barn with their hands:

Video tutorial of building a wood shed with your own hands

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