The application of complex mineral fertilizers for lawn

Today for top dressing of turf grass are encouraged to use complex fertilizers, rich at the same time all the useful herbs with minerals and trace elements. Complex fertilizers (CMU) ensure good grass growth and its painless activity. Next, we'll talk about that, which include complex mineral fertilizers and as needed to nourish the lawn.

The composition of complex mineral fertilizers

Комплексное минеральное удобрение для газона

Complex mineral fertiliser for lawn

Today, complex mineral fertilizers are applied not only to lawns, but for the colors, vegetable and ornamental crops.

Feed grass taken by two types of fertilizers: spring nitrogen, in the fall of potassium and phosphorus. Nitrogen lawn allows the grass to grow faster, so it is used for fertilizing the lawn at the time of planting and throughout the spring and summer. As for potassium and phosphorus, they strengthen the root system of the lawn and the foliage, therefore, these fertilizers are applied in autumn, before the conservation of the lawn for the winter. Autumn lawn fertilizer allows the grass to survive during the freezing cold, giving it considerable hardiness.

Please note that, in autumn and spring fertilizer is not recommended, because. nitrogen promotes the growth of grass, and before winter, this growth must slow down, what would a lawn can survive the winter.

In order, that would increase the growth and resistance to various disease herbs, it is recommended to use the averaged version of the fall and spring fertilizing – complex mineral fertilizers.

The complex fertilizers contain nitrogen at the same time, potassium, phosphorus and other, vital trace elements, which are all mixed together in one texture.

The ratio of nitrogen/phosphorus/potassium in the CMU is different, depending on the application period. A complete fertilizer for the spring-summer period consists of 20% nitrogen/ 5% phosphorous/15% potassium and 60% other trace elements. A complete fertilizer for the autumn period consists of 6% nitrogen/13% phosphorus/36% potassium, to respond effectively to the preservation of lawn grass in the winter.

There are also complex fertilizers, stimulating intensive grass growth, rich bright green shade. In this case, the ratio of NPK following: 11%:12%:26%.

Fertilizing the lawn complex mineral fertilizers

To date, there are following types of complex fertilizers: phosphorus potassium (consist of potassium phosphate), dual nitrogen-phosphorus (such as nitrophos, ammophose and nitroammophos) and more complex fertilizers of the three elements (ammofoska, nitrophoska NPK and).

Виды КМУ для газона

The types of the CMU lawn

Complex fertilizers are sold in packages in a dry granular or powder form.

Lawn fertilizer complex mineral fertilizers is recommended after combing, aeration and haircuts lawn. For this it is best to use special garden tool spreader-seeder, which can be used to set the required dosage of fertilizers, specified by the manufacturer.

Использование разбрасывателя-сеялки для подкормки газона

The use of spreader-seeder for fertilizing the lawn

The rate of application of complex mineral fertilizers on the lawn is about 50-60 g 1 m2 when planting lawn and 15-20 g with regular feeding. Fertilizer must be evenly distributed over the entire area of the lawn, then you need to implement abundant watering places, feeding.

Complex fertilizers are suitable for all types of soil and grass.

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