Breeding carp in a private pond at the cottage: make a pond for carp

If you want to create a fish pond at the dacha, it is recommended to use as the inhabitants of the pond of fish, as Karpov. About, how to make a pond for carp, and, how to care for these fish we're talking about in this article.

The breeding of carps in the pond

Водоем для карпов на приусадебном участке

Pond for carp on the plot

Carp are the fish, not too picky about habitat, and also have a quite intensive growth. Because of this most of the summer residents inhabit its waters that is carp. The most popular types are bright carp carp-koi and familiar to us naked, mirror, ramcity and common carp.

Usually the carp Matures to 5 year of life (from their 20), moreover, the weight of the carp is around 300 grams for 1 year.

Basically all types of carp have no global differences in care, the only difference is their color.

Normal activity of carp in the pond provided by, if the time to clean the water, to monitor the amount of decorative plants (that they would not take up much space in the pond) and to monitor the acidity of the water in the reservoir (the water should be slightly alkaline, and ideally neutral).

As for feeding carp, in this case special complications, because. the carp is omnivorous.

For feeding carp can be used as special food, and the usual cereal and legume (only they should be steamed before feeding).

As for feeding carp are allowed to use a feed for pigs and chickens, if any at their country house.

To carry out feeding carp need no more 2 times a day, in limited doses, because. excess feed will create the conditions for the decomposition of organic substances, that will lead to flowering pond.

Pay attention to the fact, that koi love to eat plants, so if your fish pond has a decorative vegetation, it should be updated periodically.

How to make a pond for carp with their hands

About, how to create fish pond we have said in this article, Karp is fully suitable for such conditions.

Карповый пруд на дачном участке

The carp pond at the dacha

To ensure the normal life of a carp, pond for him to do, the following recommendations:

  1. Carp should be enough space for swimming. Usually the pond for carp is not less than 9-10 cubic meters.
  2. The water depth shall be not less than, than 1,5 meter, for the normal wintering fish.
  3. The pond should be located a short distance from the roadway, noisy places and playgrounds, that the situation did not frighten the fish.
  4. Pond for carp should not overheat in hot weather. It is recommended to create a pond near the tree, that would be in the heat shadow covered the fish house from overheating. The optimum water temperature for the life of the carp should be about 25onWith.
  5. You may not create a pond for carp on the lower parts of the garden, where the rain drains all the water, because. in this case, all the dirt and garden debris will spontaneously fall into fish pond. If another location for the construction of a pond no, protect the construction of the high border.
  6. Be sure to install in the pond for carp water purification system, which not only take away all the garden rubbish, and cleanse the water of excess chemicals and bacteria. In addition, some filtration systems enrich the water with oxygen, that only is good for the carp.

So all the recommendations, you need to know in order, what would make a pond for carp with their hands. The fish pond looks much more attractive than the usual decorative, so create a house for the fish near the area, and intense then rest assured you will be!

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