Modern style (modernism)

Modern interior style also called style of modernism. The main idea of modern style in the interior is the existing confrontation with the past styles of interior design. If before the room design was to emphasize the wealth of the owners of the apartment (for example, as in the style Baroque either Victorian), the modernist preference for the functionality of the room, with minimal additional accessories.

Modern style in the interior has many similarities with minimalism and hi-tech, but still a little different from them.

The main features of modernism in the interior are:

  • Color palette. Mostly shades of white, gray and black color. As well there are more bright colors, such as blue, brown, beige, but only in combination with the main shade. Accessories and different inserts can be chrome, lacquered, Nickel.
  • Finishing materials rooms in a modern style, this is most likely metal, plastic and glass. Less common tree.
  • The ceiling it is recommended to create a multilevel, with recessed lighting to halogen and neon lamps. It should be noted, what lighting gives the room the modern style and creative design, because. decor elements must be at least.
  • To flooring no special requirements. Most often in the bathroom and kitchen walls are ceramic tiles, and the bedrooms and living room are laid parquet.
  • Wall can be decorated with decorative plaster, and additionally decorated with wooden panels or metal inserts.
  • Furniture must not be old (with gilding or carving). The best option is modern furniture unusual design, regular geometric shapes and subtle colors.
  • Accessories the interior style modernism are vases with flowers, lights creative design, as well as paintings of contemporary art. You can also decorate the room carpet and curtains a monochromatic pale colors.

Photo modern style in the interior provided in this photo gallery:

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