Fiberglass tanks for ponds and water features: advantages and disadvantages

Fiberglass tanks are the modern ready-made shapes, used in suburban areas to create artificial ponds and reservoirs.
Today, fiberglass shapes can be manufactured to any “displacement”, mark may be reached 6000 l, which is quite enough for a small artificial pond.
Стеклопластиковая форма для пруда

Fiberglass form for a pond

Now we consider the advantages and disadvantages of these water tanks.

Advantages stekloplastikovyh forms

Among the main advantages of fiberglass molds for reservoirs emit:

  • The longevity of the tanks (under normal operating conditions, the capacity can last more than 30 years)
  • High strength material
  • You can buy ready-made containers of various sizes and shapes, and you can make the personal order
  • Fiberglass tanks are not afraid of low temperatures and ultraviolet radiation
  • Fiberglass shapes do not violate the ecosystem and are an environmentally friendly material, therefore, in this capacity, you can even create fish pond
  • Tanks for reservoirs susceptible to repair, which does not affect the life of the product (I wouldn't say the ordinary plastic form)
  • Thanks to its solid frame, artificial pond out of shape don't need to make an appearance and create the bottom
  • Fiberglass tanks are available in several colors: brown, black and green.
  • Shape made of fiberglass are easy to decorating the shore (in particular, the coastline is decorated with sand sprinkles., which visually resembles a natural beach).

    Декоративная отделка берега пруда

    Decorative pond

Disadvantages of fiberglass forms

Among the main disadvantages of fiberglass molds for ponds and reservoirs emit:

  • The high price of goods (much higher, than normal plastic forms)
  • The additional costs of hiring and shapes installation specialists (because. technology installation capacity requires certain skills and abilities)
  • Fiberglass forms are easily damaged by careless transportation and installation. Despite the fact, the product can be fixed, this process will require, again, certain expenses for the work of the specialist.
  • The capacity of the glass is not able to change its volume and shape (the disadvantage of all solid tanks), therefore, to change the design of the reservoir in the future you will fail.

How to install fiberglass capacity?

Создание пруда на даче своими руками

The creation of a pond at the dacha with his hands

In order, to fully describe the process of installation capacity for the pond would require a whole article, so now we will tell you the basic intricacies of installation is the fiberglass form.

As mentioned earlier, the installation capacity for the reservoir requires certain skills and abilities, so if you face such problem for the first time, it is better to refer the matter in the hands of a specialist.

If you do decide to self-install the product, suggest you to consider the following nuances:

  1. The empty space between the outer wall of the form and the excavated pit shall be thoroughly compacted sand. It is best to fill up the sand a little, fill it with water and tamp it down, then repeat the process again.
  2. The capacity for the water body should be perfectly straight, for this installation it is recommended to use a construction level.
  3. When transporting and installing forms, try to be as careful with it. For example, if you step in the form of a foot when a loose contact with the ground, the product may crack.
  4. The depth of the pit should be at 15 see more, than the height of the form.

    Яма под форму

    The pit under the form

  5. In order, what would prevent the drawdown of the form over time, add the bottom of the pit a layer of sand (about 4-5 cm).

You can also view a video tutorial on the installation of plastic forms in the pond:

Here, actually, and all, what you should know about fiberglass molds for ponds and reservoirs.

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