Empire style

Architectural Empire style is one of the most luxurious and rich, because. is Imperial style. Unlike constructivism and minimalism, in the Empire mainly focused on the decorative function room, not its functionality.

The interior of the room of the Empire style you can find in common with Baroque, Rococo and antique style.

The main features of the Empire are:

  • The use of precious wood, gold, expensive fabrics and fine accessories.
  • Colors. Preference is given to such colors, as: white, red, blue, dark green and gold.
  • Furniture should be heavy, carved, gilding and rich fabrics.
  • The ceilings are high necessarily, actually, therefore, in the interior of the apartment to use the Empire style is quite difficult.
  • As accessories used mirrors, elegant chandelier, pictures, figurines, busts, columns and decorated fireplaces.

Please note that, the Empire style in the interior is a whole composition, so to draw one particular room in the Empire style is not recommended.

Photo of the Empire style in the interior:

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