Select the fish pond: review of the most appropriate fish for an artificial pond

By itself, an artificial pond is nothing on the dacha. What would this hydraulic structure has aroused the interest of, necessary to Supplement it with ornamental aquatic plants or fish. In this article we will talk about, what fish are suitable for the artificial pond at the cottage and what care needed to provide the fish.
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Count the number of fish for pond

Рыбный пруд на даче

Fish pond at the cottage

So, you have created an artificial pond, decorated it and filled with water. It seems, now it's time for fish to run. But do not hurry to go to the pet store and the eye to determine the number of inhabitants of the pond, everything must be precisely calculated.

It should be noted, for normal life of fish water depth should be more than a meter, in this case, the fish pond will be able to survive the winter without unpleasant consequences.

However, if you create a shallow pond, either in advance deepen the bottom, or save a bit more money on a large enough aquarium, which will allow you to overwinter the fish in a heated room.

In addition to the depth of the reservoir must take into consideration its area. Most fish who like to swim, no pushing each other, with a relatively large distance (at least 4-5 meters in length). Therefore, if you have a small pond, the maximum length of fish should not exceed the size of the palm.

As for the calculations of the number of fish for pond, there is a specific rule: on the life of a single fish requires about 50 liters of water. Based on this, if you have a pond, capacity 1000 liters, the fish can settle in without worrying about 15-20 pieces.

One important caveat – the maximum size of the fish. For example, carp progressing with each passing year 300 gram weight, so after 5-6 years of life, its size reaches a considerable size and 15-20 Karpov won't fit in a 1000 liter pond.

On the approximate number of fish for a certain amount of pond you can ask the consultants in a fish shop, who will advise you on the number and type of suitable fish for pond.

The choice of fish for pond

After, as you find the right amount of fish for pond, go to the pet store to buy the inhabitants of the pond.

Guidelines for choosing fish for the pond

We offer you a list of fish, which is not too demanding to care for and normally survive in our climate:

Carp. This inhabitant of the aquatic environment may be brightly painted (Japanese koi carp), and have common to all river fish coloring (scaly carp). Enjoy the view of carps in the pond is not always possible, because. these inhabitants love to swim at the bottom, creating pits in the soil. Carp are more herbivores plants, therefore, they can be fed as a special dressing, and plants in the pond. What would the carps are normally caught you in the pond, the depth should be about 2 meters.

Carp. Nothing attractive, but at the same time, a popular inhabitant of artificial and natural ponds. As well as carp, carp most of the time at the bottom, even the food waiting there, while she will not fall. Size carp can reach two feet, so in a small pond it is not recommended to grow.



Lin. The same situation as with the carp: fish hiding on the bottom and reaches enormous size. To create a decorative pond is not the best option.



Bleak. But these fish are a pretty good option for a decorative pond. Bleak fish are small with silvery scales. They are too much like to swim at great speed, so if you have a large pond, it is recommended to populate its bleak. The lack of bleaks is eating aquatic plants, so you have to choose one of two: or enjoy the 10-cm bright-eyed fish, or enjoy the bright flowering aquatic plants.



Verkhivka. If you like to observe, how to fish for pond moves friendly packs, the verkhovka you a perfect fit. This fish has small size (max 12 cm) and ennobles the pond in its silvery color.



Minnow. The situation is similar to the case of verhovki, the difference is in the, that these schooling fish for the pond have a more decorative color: red-green and dark brown. The drawback of settling of pond minnows is, that these fish require more oxygen, so you need to either install special equipment for saturation of water with oxygen, or Supplement the pond plants oxygenerators.



Goldfish. This, the classic version of the inhabitant of the fish pond is quite reasonable and appropriate. Goldfish originally decorated ornamental pond and delight with its views of guests, because. often float to the surface. Important not to run into the pond many goldfish, because they multiply rapidly and after a time you will either have to expand the boundaries of the reservoir, or reduce manually the number of fish for pond.

Золотая рыбка


After, as you have decided, what fish for a pond you prefer, purchased them and headed home, the pond.

Please note that, it is prohibited to settle in the artificial pond with fish of local origin (for example, with the rate), because. data fish can be infected, and subjected to the entire flora and fauna of your pond to the death.

It should also be note, that the fish after the acquisition can not immediately release it into a pond, you first need to arrange a week-long quarantine, we will discuss further.

The purpose of quarantine for fish

No one excludes, that fish from the pet store can get sick or will not adapt to the water of the artificial pond, so before you settle them into the pond, you need to arrange quarantine for one week.

It is necessary to have an aquarium, which fill with water from the pond and put the fish. For one week to observe their livelihoods, and if you find a suspicious fish, it is necessary to separate it from all and show in the pet shop for treatment.

During the week the fish will get used to the new environment, and they can be run in the pond.

This should be done in the following way: put the fish in a container of water from the aquarium, and the vessel put in the pond. The reason this event lies in the fact, what is the difference in temperature between the water in the aquarium and pond different, therefore, when the direct movement of fishes they can go into shock, what hurt them, and displays on health. Well, if you put fish in the vessel in the pond, for a few hours, the water slowly cools down and then the fish will be able to navigate in a new environment.

Перемещение рыбок из карантина

Moving fish from a quarantine

Features feeding fish in the pond

Many fish can get the basic part of food from nature: to eat off the plants, to eat mosquitoes etc. But still, this food is not enough for normal life of fish in the pond. It is therefore necessary to provide additional feeding fish.

To do this, sell special fish feed, which price is not too expensive. So did most of the fish (for example, carp), you can have the feed for chickens, pigs etc.

Корм для рыбы

Food for fish

In addition, you must pay attention to peculiarities of feeding fish in the pond, namely:

  1. Excess food settles on the bottom and is decomposed, whereby the water in the pond is polluted and is beginning to blossom. That this would not happen, read carefully the dose of feed, which is listed on the package.
  2. Food needs to be absorbed by the fish during 10 minutes, after that, he limp and settles to the bottom. Calculate the amount of feed, what would the fish have time to eat it during this time.
  3. Fish feeding should be done no more 2 times a day. Although with the advent of spring the fish are hungry and to provide additional food. With regard to autumn, with the onset of cold weather the fish stops eating, so close to cold dressing can be completed before the spring.
  4. Make fish-feeding at certain times of the day. This kind of training fish, which will allow you to enjoy all the fish, when they get used to regular feeding and will float to the surface in expectation of food.

    Рыба ждущая корм

    Fish waiting for food

Popular diseases of fish and their treatment

To detect the symptoms of diseases of fish by the following indicators:

  • The fish lies on its side
  • Fish trying to scratch on the pitfalls or the walls of the reservoir
  • The gills of a fish glued
  • The eyes of a fish covered with bloom white
Популярные болезни рыбы и способы их лечения

Popular diseases of fish and their treatment

If you find one of the above symptoms, the fish should be immediately resettled from other inhabitants, to prevent contamination of the whole fauna.

Fortunately, to date, most fish diseases are treated, therefore, all, what you need, to contact the seller consultant in the pet shop and tell the symptoms of the disease, then he will recommend the right medicine and the problem is solved.

Some fish diseases can be cured with their hands. For example, there are fish-leeches, which are parasitic on the surface of healthy fish and cause her damage. All you need, this is to catch the affected fish and gently separate it from the parasite.

And finally, please note Pets: cats and dogs, don't forget, they are predators and are able to catch and eat fish, therefore, when creating fish pond ensure fish security with border or mesh fencing!

Guidelines for choosing fish for the pond

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