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Requirements for growing iris

Irises have a very beautiful bloom, which starts from mid may and ends closer to the month of July. These plants are very low maintenance, so much time spend on them is not necessary.

Выращивание ирисов на даче

Growing irises in the country

The main requirements for growing irises in the country are:

  • The planting site should be well lit.
  • Preferably, that would be during the day of the solstice irises were in the shade, because. these plants do not tolerate extreme heat
  • The soil should not be too saturated with water
  • Flowerbed with irises should be slightly raised above the ground (not more than 15 cm)
  • Times 5-10 years irises need to be planted elsewhere (due to the intense growth of the root system of plants)
  • Before planting irises need soil to aerate and fertilize. Weeds must be removed manually
  • Flowerbed under the irises should be slightly tilted to the South side

After choosing the right location for planting irises, as well as preparing the soil, go to the main process.

Planting irises

First of all, you need to pay attention to, that floral Bud irises have created summer. This means, the plant overwinters with formed flower buds, and next year You will see flowering irises planted.

To carry out the planting irises in the country needed after, as plants Bud (by early July). While this should be done until a new flower Bud is not tied, but the new units of the root system will grow.

The Bush irises need to leave, but the new links You will need – they need to be carefully cut with a knife.

The most suitable for planting managers should have a diameter of up to 2 cm and a length of about 3 cm. Leaves the landing member must be cut to 1/3 length, and the length of the root is to leave no more 10 cm.

As we have said, right before planting, irises should loosen the soil and remove weeds. Then immediately replant the new units iris. Typically the active plant growth has been observed for a week or two after planting.

If You for some reason decided to plant irises in the fall, the fit technology will change slightly. As planting material it is necessary to use a sapling with flower buds, which has already been formed. The length of this seedling should be 6 cm, a diameter of not more 3 cm.

Please note that, when autumn planting irises the probability of flowering the following year is noticeably reduced. It is connected with the, what is the period of active growth of the iris is increased from two weeks to a month and the plant may not fully take root until the arrival of the winter cold.

When planting iris in your hands, You must correctly put the plants root system. The rhizome do not need to dig into the soil, it should be on her level. As for the leaves – they must be installed vertically, as shown in the picture:

The roots themselves need to be deepened into the ground, and in the hole you need hands to make a small mound.

After planting iris, it must be watered. Through 4-5 days the plant needs re-watering. During growth of the seedling (and this time, often all summer), it is recommended to protect the plant from the burning sun.

Care of irises

Irises, like any other perennials, require basic care practices: weed control, watering, dressing, Wrigley soil, transplanting and control of pests/diseases.

As irises winter, need to take additional care of these plants, which is, that would cover the plants before the winter fallen leaves.

Please note that, what to cover sheets it is only the young saplings. It should also be noted, with the advent of the spring thaw, the leaves should be immediately removed from the iris.

Fertilizing irises

Rules of fertilizing iris is quite simple. Plants are fertilized three times per season, namely:

  • With the arrival of the spring thaw. You must use fertilizer of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in the ratio 2/1/1
  • During the formation of buds. Used mineral fertilizer nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium in the ratio 3/1/3
  • After, as the iris is completely gone (in a month). You need to use phosphorus and potassium in the ratio 1/1.

During fertilizer irises with their hands, consider the following requirements:

  1. Flowers, sprouted for the first time in the spring to feed in the summer no need, because. they are at planting fertilized.
  2. If during the formation of flower buds to feed iris, abundant flowering in the following year he secured.
  3. The amount of each fertilizer (phosphorus, nitrogen, potassium) should be between 9 to 12 gram 1 m. in that case, if the soil is medium loam. For sandy soils the amount of fertilizer should be increased to 15-18 grams.
  4. Closely monitor the amount of nitrogen when feeding on iris. If you happen to increase the recommended dose, next year the plant will have small flowers and large leaves.

Photos of irises:

Combating disease and pests

Prevention of pests and diseases – the key to a trouble-free flowering plants, including irises. Times 10-14 days of iris needs to be sprayed with special chemicals. To start this event is recommended, when the leaves grow to 10 cm in length. As soon as the stalks will bloom, spraying must stop.

If iris has leaf bundles with number of leaves not more than 5 pieces, so, the plant sick. Healthy iris is from 7 to 9 leaves. That would cure the plant must carefully check the rhizome of the iris. If it formed rot, it should be immediately removed with a scraper and begin treatment chemicals.

Please note that, what a sick iris should be cut last year's leaves, faded flowers and stalks. All these elements need to burn, what would the disease does not spread further.

To determine the disease of the iris can also be viewed on its leaves. If the wax coating is uniformly distributed wax coating – plant healthy. Otherwise, you need to go to treatment.

Video: grow and care for irises

We also recommend you view video lesson on growing and caring for irises. Possible, some lost moments You can find in this video.

Grow and care for irises with their hands

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Grow and care for irises with their hands
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