15 unique and stunning ideas for lawns, gardens and all landscaping

I'm excited about the idea of a backyard., because that word has such an open feeling., which allows for all sorts of possibilities. You can have everything, whatever you want, in your backyard. We love to experiment and explore different ideas about, how life is lived outside the traditional walls with lawn.

You have, probably, there are many different things, which you can use to design an open space, or, can be, just one thing to test. In any case, make sure, that you make it your own, reflecting yourself in it. In particular, you need to think outside the box, to make the most of the small open space and create an amazing landscape design.

Often, traditional ideas don't work in your favor., and then, what might be perfect for someone else, may look disastrous for your property. Want to know, where to start? There are some brilliant garden life hacks in this article., unique tricks and classic budget décor, which will give greatness to the little one, medium and large garden space. These 15 ideas are more than enough for inspiration., to bring a fresh design to your home, regardless, what aesthetics do you have?. So, Begin.

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1. Garden Lighthouse

The lighthouse is often described as a romantic object., exciting our imagination with stories, which touch to the depths of the soul. It acts as a beacon of hope., standing in the middle of the pulsating heart of the sea, guiding lost ships to life in the darkest hours.

No matter, whether you live near the ocean or just want to add a nautical flavor to your landscape, a garden lighthouse is the perfect way to add a piece of coastline to a yard or garden path.

To turn your simple and dull lawns in more festive and attractive, yard beacons can be both decorative and whimsical. Garden beacons illuminate the way to your home in the same way, how a real lighthouse safely leads ships into the harbor.

Garden lighthouses will add zest to your landscape, and they are really easy to create. If you are well versed in recycling things, making a garden beacon from recyclables will be fun. You'll need a few things, for example, wire mesh in the shape of a lighthouse, aluminum or plastic, several disposable baking molds, rocks or pebbles and some vegetation, such as flowers or grass.

Someone likes wooden lighthouses, and someone creates their own garden beacons from flower pots. You can add multiple solar lights (static or rotating, how you like) to the top of your lighthouse, that it glows at night. If you like the idea, but you feel lazy, like me, you can also search for a garden beacon online or buy it at your nearest store.

2. Old-fashioned windmill garden

The windmill is a powerful symbol, demonstrating resilience and the strength of life. It can be seen in literature, music videos or movies as an indicator of hope for victory against all odds.

If you want a classic touch in your modern landscape, an old-fashioned garden of windmills will suit you. Decorative garden windmills have become a new trend in landscape design and are a great way to add character and zest to your yard or garden.. They come in all shapes., Sizes, materials and colours, which correspond to any open space, what you have planned for them.

Given their design, some models of windmills can also provide green energy. Thus, they are not only beautiful, but also effective, which makes this type of construction a great investment object.

3. Stone Garden Fountain

Water bodies in your garden turn your landscape into something divine, providing a special and unique focus. Seeing the dancing water and hearing the soothing sound of flowing water is a rest in the fresh air for your eyes and ears.. It not only adds to the desired beauty., but also provides mystical music, which helps to block the noise and forget about the worries in your life.

Make a splash in the fresh air with a fountain, feel connected to nature and get a reason to spend more time in the fresh air. Stone garden fountain with a small statue of a woman in the center, surrounded by flowers and accessories, unites all the elements of life in one place.

This is a really beautiful and classic garden exposition. You can create this tranquil space with something., what you have, probably, already there is – a fountain or a drinking bottle for birds in any patio will be perfect. You can find many different statues of women, which can be used as the central part of this garden fountain, and decorate it with flower plants of your choice.

3. Treehouse for children

From the very first time, when you see treehouse, whether in person or on TV, whether it's old classic stories, such as Peter Pan and Wendy, or tales of the new century, no more magical feeling, than to imagine yourself living high among these deciduous branches of the tree.

Treehouse has always been a popular choice for kids, to create your own world. If you want something more secluded and secret or something with extensive views of nature, it's hard not to be fascinated by these amazing structures.

Charm your children with a treehouse, creating visual interest and giving them the opportunity to realize their imagination, decorating it with various accessories and your interests. A treehouse can be a good place these days., where your kids want to hide all summer, away from the digital world.

4. Wooden benches, turned into pots to create a patio

In the era of the digital revolution, lunches and dinners in the fresh air have become almost rare.. It means, that you'll need a solid decoration plan, which constantly invites you into the open space, away from the comfort of your sofa, and makes a lasting impression. Between planting amaranth and fighting stubborn weeds, you've already sweated so this lawn.. You need a comfortable place in the fresh air, to fully enjoy the fruits of their hard work.

So, say hello to the perfect place for reflection or outdoor entertainment with modern flower benches. Sit down in the lap of nature and relax, enjoying some of the features of your living room.

Modern benches in pots serve as a place to relax and enjoy the garden in this way, as you need. With their sleek sturdy wooden body, decorated with live plants or bright flowers, dissolved on the side branches, it will be hard not to think, while these flowers are growing in front of us.

6. Patio with stone fire pit and garden furniture for receiving guests

A stone bonfire pit is a great way to turn your open space into a cozy and warm place.. You will be drawn in the evening hours, like moths, unable to resist flames. If you want to create a couple of pleasant memories in the cold outdoors or explain your past, adding a stone fire pit in your backyard would be a great idea., as well as decorate the lawn in the garden.

With this option, you can complement your patio and take its aesthetics to the next level.. A stone bonfire pit will be a long-awaited addition to the meeting places for artists. Whether you enjoy the smell of smoke from a burning tree or love the contrasting sensation of warmth and cold., a stone bonfire pit on your patio will allow you to do it all.

Stone pit for bonfire, surrounded by a large ledge for tableware, is mandatory for homeowners, who love to include food and gather the audience around a cozy fire and lush greenery.

7. Swing made of tire and rope

Sometimes the simplest things can cause feelings of nostalgia and excitement.. Outdoor entertainment doesn't have to include expensive individual play sets.; all, what you need, it's an old tire. Swing, made of them, can be just that, what your child needs.

Tire swings are fun for all ages, and they provide endless entertainment. It's inexpensive, And also easy to assemble. Just find a couple of old tires, that need recycling, or buy new ones. All, what you need, It is securely knit it with a rope and hang it on a tree.

Distract kids from electronics and go out into nature with this tire swing. Tire swings have always existed, but they are still popular today.. They perfectly complement any backyard., despite the fact, how simple they may seem at first glance. Kids will enjoy playing on the swing, but it can be difficult for adults to ride it - in this case, make a classic swing for all ages in the family.

8. An old refrigerator has turned into a pot of flowers, growing at the top

What could be the fate of a dead refrigerator and freezer?? Most likely, they will be thrown into your garage or thrown into a local landfill. You know, buying a raised flower bed can cost you hundreds of dollars, while you can get the same benefits for free, using your old fridge. So make these unwanted white elephants work., quickly growing fresh vegetables in them.

In addition to this, that you get a raised flower bed for free, ground preparation for the installation of these dead devices is also minimal.. In addition, The great thing about using freezers to grow plants is that, that they have an insulated housing and cover, which you can open and close depending on your needs (for example, use for growing various seedlings). Thus, you can get the following benefits of using an old refrigerator over new raised flower beds, bought on the market.

Even on the coldest nights, your tiny seedlings will stay warm.. It means, that you can grow your favorite vegetables and plant at any time, even if it's freezing outside.

A sudden change in the weather will not affect your crop. When the lid is closed, your seedlings and vegetables are protected. You don't have to worry about dogs, rabbits and other animals, who will sneak in, to nibble or play with your crop.

It's an economical way for community gardens to grow root vegetables or grow tons of seeds.. All, what you need to do, it drill small drainage holes (for draining excess water) at the bottom of the refrigerator, fill the refrigerator with quality soil and plant everything, whatever your heart desires.

You can paint the refrigerator in color, which will best complement your garden. For a good drain of excess water, put the refrigerator on the bricks.

9. Garden statues, similar to humans, animals or objects

Sometimes we look for quiet company on a secluded lawn and in the garden.. Company, which fills the void, and you don't feel completely alone.. Garden statues – the perfect solution, to give interactivity to your garden. They enhance and enhance your open space, bring humor to the backyard, Balance elements of landscape design in all areas of ownership.

A large lawn can seem very empty without these shapes.. Garden statues, similar to humans, animals or any other interesting objects, draw attention to a specific area of the lawn. Individual demonstration of these accessories tells a unique story.

Statues in gardens have many different uses for lawns and courtyards., for example, to improve mood at certain times, balancing the composition between different spaces, creating an interactive experience and realizing your own fantasies. Sometimes I need my version of Alice in Wonderland through these sculptures.. What is your idea for advertising your fantasies??

10. Garden bench with cushion for sitting and reading books in the shade of a tree

Arrangement of the courtyard space is an exciting event, but it can become difficult without some sitting solutions for you and your family members.. What do you think?, where everyone should sit, when they're there? Obviously, on outdoor benches with comfortable and cozy pillows!

These comfortable little pieces of furniture for outdoor use combine comfort and style. So whether it's breakfast in the sunshine., or observing leaf discoloration, or watching a beautiful addition to the spring scene, or reading books in the shade of trees, or just listening to the birds chirping, garden benches with soft pillows serve this purpose and accommodate everything.

Relaxing with children in such moments may seem impossible., when phones are constantly beckoning from the other side of the electronic fence, while children grow indoors. Just immerse yourself in all this fresh new life, sitting in the middle of it on your bench for outdoor use.

Your family will be happy together, sitting in the shade of trees or chatting peacefully over tea, spending time outdoors at this time of year, when there is nothing better, than to bask in the warm sun surrounded by lush greenery.

11. Bath for birds, surrounded by plants, so that birds can drink water

The drinking bottle is designed not only for birds. It's also a great way to enjoy watching them., when they bathe and drink, especially if there is something special nearby, attracting their attention, for example, native plants. Type of plant life, surrounding your new installation, will make all sorts of things happen.

A bird drinking bottle in your garden is a pretty great way for you and your bird friends to have fun together.. Plant plants around, to make it as natural as possible. Birds also show a love of bright colors. , so make sure, that their surroundings are not completely green or white. It would seem rather inhospitable., if it weren't for the splashes of multi-colored flower petals on the damp ground. Or add an additional custom signage element, such as stones, in border design with greenery inside, to create contrast, which fascinates you.

Optionally, you can put and bird feeder, especially they need fertilizing in winter.

12. Access road, lined with trees

Remember the most memorable scene from your favorite movie, where they drive down the aisle, and suddenly trees appear on both sides. It doesn't matter, whether you go to or from something; in these forests, everything seems more secluded and serene..

Sense, occurring when walking under these leaves, worth it, to dream about it. You can create such a scene at home., planting identical trees on both sides of the entrance and creating a shady tunnel, which will take you to another world.

Depending on your choice, you can use trees for driveways as part of your landscape in a few different ways. You can plan this wood lining in a naturalistic style or give them a formal look.. Ornamental or shady trees personalize your lawn garden. No matter, how you design your driveway, your guests will always feel like royal guests, passing through your welcome entrance.

13. Exquisite garden gate

Garden gates are commonly used to mark your outdoor plot and for safety purposes., but they serve so much more.. As well, how your front door and its importance for the stylish reception of visitors to your home or business, the gate should also be hearty enough, to make guests feel comfortable, passing through them.

Garden gates as the entrance to your property signal that, what's beyond. So set the tone for those ideas., that reflect your style, with custom signage, Suitable for various open spaces, from cottage-style gardens to regular lawns.

Garden gates have been used for centuries to divide spaces., but they are also very convenient for receiving guests. If you want, make your backyard or front yard feel at home, being outside, combined with security and privacy, choose a garden gate accordingly. Exquisite garden gate, in addition to security purposes, enhance the appearance of your landscape. Walking through them into your home, you feel, that you get to the country of your dreams.

14. Step track

Walkways are the perfect way to add a little magic and charm to your home.. They can lead from one particular location, for example, from the entrance or garden, therefore, guests will wander through it, without crushing flowers in its path.

There's something in the rocks, which evokes thoughts of charming gardens with cottages – even if you live in the suburbs, there is no reason not to make such a track. Paths are a way to bring that magic into your home., and you can customize them, to give these tracks a unique "flavor".

The original fairytale path returned with a vengeance.! Zigzag stone paths, Scattered, like puzzle pieces, not only remind you of all your children's fairy tales, but also incredibly practical.

In bad weather, a traditional path of steps, installed on your lawns, facilitates access to certain areas of the garden. Thus, be the land swampy, wet or slippery, moving from the garden gate indoors is not a problem, when there is garden paths made of stones. It's an easy way to generate interest without much care., necessary for this, to make the track look beautiful.

15. Mature trees or shrubs are located in strategic locations, to provide shade, privacy or protection from the wind

Planting trees around homes is an ancient concept, which has been used for centuries to save energy in the home. Wind protection strips are widely used in the north of the country, to protect homes from harsh weather conditions. They consist of long rows of trees., planted at the edges of your yard, perpendicular to prevailing winds, to protect unprotected homes in harsh winters and hot summers.

Special attention was paid to shady trees in the 1970s.. Nothing was needed at the time., except protection against high gasoline prices, caused by Arab oil embargoes, as well as concerns about, not to destroy vital plant life on Earth.

Recent concerns about global warming have once again made planting more popular.. Strategically planted trees can reduce energy consumption on 15%, because they provide shade for windows, roofs and walls and prevent sudden increases in temperature. Here's how shading trees reduce cooling costs and keep your family and pets cool and comfortable during the scorching summer heat.. In addition, thick grass lining acts like a fence, limiting unwanted intrusions. These grasses and the dense canopy of trees provide privacy to your home and lawn..

Let's sum up

Creating a small lawn or yard is never easy, but it's not impossible. Pillars.ru is your partner in the design of open spaces, gardens and yards, which you will be proud of, at minimal cost. A little creativity and thoughtful choice of furniture can turn your modest garden into a non-standard sign in no time.. With these brilliant lawn and garden design ideas, saving time and space, you can make the most of your garden plot.

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