Accessories for decorating the infield and garden

Obviously, what is the best decor for your yard area is its fauna. Decorative trees and bushes catch the eye, as soon as you come into the garden. Best Supplement for already finished blooming garden can only be all the possible sculptures, small fountains, flower girls, as well as baths and birdbaths. The main thing, you should always remember – "do not stick fold" with them. All sorts of lanterns and sculptures should be in harmony among themselves, to be selected in the same style and to create the effect of one whole. Look at photo examples, what are decorations for gardens is now very popular.

Garden sculptures and ornaments

Садовые скульптуры

Garden sculptures

For garden sculptures and ornaments are small statues, busts, figures, which are made of different materials. When choosing jewelry you should consider the size of the plot and its constituent fauna. It is ridiculous to look small figures on the background of large trees, a large sculpture will suppress low ornamental plants. Therefore, you should carefully consider the various decoration options. For many years popular are garden figures made of fiberglass (different gnomes, angels, frogs), especially at the price they are cheap, and the beauty is not how it is inferior to the sculptures of stone.

Garden lights and lamps

Садовые фонари

Garden lights

Currently, various lamps and lanterns are used not only as lighting for garden, but as part of the decorations in the dark. Various forms, size and design will not make you suffer so, how to build a garden. Now very popular are the solar lamps (the solar-powered lights), which do not have wires, easily transferred from place to place and. they run off solar energy, do not require energy costs. Another option, which combines lighting and decoration of the garden is glowing stones. They come in various sizes (from rock dust to boulders), also charged by the Sun, and therefore can be in any part of the infield. Will look beautiful bollards and illuminated fiber. All types of lighting garden plot can harmoniously not only with each other, but with other types of garden decoration, the main thing with mind to approach to its design.

Baths and birdbaths

 поилка для птиц

Birdbath decorative.

That would give your garden a natural, place in it one or more drinkers for birds. The garden, where will the birds sing, will create an even more intimate and rarefied atmosphere. Please note that, the birds are afraid of the open countryside, therefore, the drinker is best to put somewhere in the corner of the garden. So we should not forget about cats, who love to hunt birds. Waterers and baths should buy on a high leg. Most suitable for garden decoration are clay and stone troughs.

The sundial on the house in the garden as decor

Солнечные часы

The sundial as a decorative landscape area.

Despite the fact, that sundial has long since lost its practical value, they are still often used as decoration for garden and home gardening. They blend harmoniously with the various sculptures, fountains and figurines, and garden, which will be a sundial, will stick in the memory for every guest. As the components of the sundial is a dial and a pointer, with a strong desire to make such a watch with their hands. The only, that will take a little time – is marking hours, but for such unusual decorations in the garden and donate their precious time.

Vases, flower girl baskets and bowls

Садовая ваза

Large, garden vase porcelain white color and decorative patterns blue.

This item garden decoration, as vases and flower girls, is very common and elegant addition to the garden. Vases can be placed anywhere: near the pool, near the garden path, close to the landing. Do not skimp on the florist and bowls, if you buy them, it is only in clay or stone option. Don't have to buy a vase and flower on a high stem, squat vases look beautiful next to beds.

Garden fountains at their summer cottage

Садовый фонтан

The garden fountain in the landscape design of the suburban area.

One of the best decorations for the garden, which will almost certainly remain in the memory of any visitor is the garden fountain. Garden fountains are made in different styles, therefore, problems with the selection of a suitable fountain you will not have. Very cool it will look in a fountain, with the right kind of night light, then it will soothe the eyes and day and night.

Mirrors for garden

Зеркало для сада

The photo shows the use of mirrors in decorating the garden.

Unusual for steel garden mirror, creating the illusion of. This decoration option is best suited for small gardens, making them huge and beautiful. Mirrors can be mounted anywhere (among the greenery, on the walls, in the arches), the main thing that their location and creates the illusion, didn't hurt the visitors of the garden. They serve not only to increase the area of the garden, but when used correctly, for the creative reflection of light in the night time.

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