Make a tent at the dacha with his hands

The tent is easy garden children's house. That would create a nice and functional tent will require quite a bit of time and money. Important in the construction of shelters for children is only the imagination and creative thinking.

The original hut can easily make improvised and now we will provide You with some of the most unique ideas.

Idea # 1 – a Tent of fabric

To create a tent of fabric You'll need:

  • Dense fabric large size (at least 2*4 meter)
  • 2 support, located at a distance of not less than 2 meters from each other (you can use trees)
  • A strong rope, length less than 2,5 meters
  • Hooks (in order, to secure the tent to the ground)

So, first, you need to pull the rope between two supports and to securely lock it. Please note that, the rope should be taut horizontally.

Then the fabric is hung on a rope, what would both sides turned out to be symmetrical (as shown in the picture).

Шалаш из ткани

The tent of fabric

And finally, the fabric must be securely fixed at the base of the tent for children (to the ground). It is recommended in advance to sew on the edges of the fabric eyelets (special metal bushing) or in the worst case to sew from a fabric loop and sew on the edges. Further in the created holes need to pass through the hooks to secure the tent to the ground.

Idea # 2 – Green tent

The second idea involves the creation of a shelter for children from climbing plants. To make this tent will be harder, but still possible.

To create green tent you will need:

  • Long sticks of PVC pipe or tree branches
  • Climbing plants or their seeds
  • Sturdy rope

Please note that, that the establishment of such shelters, it may take several months.

Start building a hut with botulinium after the winter – early spring. The first thing you need to install the sticks in the shape of a tent. Then stick fastened securely at the top with a rope.

Once the design of the hut is ready, you need to go to his landscaping. It around to the tent need to be planted climbing plants. When the plants will grow, all You have to do is guide them along the design – up. Towards the middle of summer, a tent for kids will already be fully functional.

Idea # 3 – a Tent made of fabric and PVC pipe

The third option is a makeshift shelter for children in the country – design of PVC pipes, covered with a thick cloth.

The beginning of building the same, as in the second option you need to set of pipes the construction of the shed and hard to pull her with a rope at the top.

Next, the pipe is upholstered in cloth and, if necessary, the attachment is a bit filed. Bottom of a tent should be anchored to the ground and all the children can enjoy new play area.

Idea No. 4 – Tent of tissue and wrap

Go to the more original idea of creating a tent with their hands.

You should prepare such materials:

  • Aluminum Hoop (used in gymnastics). Instead of hoops can twist into a ring of conventional plastic pipe.
  • A large piece of cloth
  • Sturdy rope

The construction of the tent is quite simple. First, the Hoop is covered with fabric and sewn into the mounting location. Then another piece of fabric is sewn over the entire area of the Hoop (as shown in the picture, the orange piece). This piece of cloth attached to the rope (center), after which the tent is suspended on a tree branch or other horizontal support.

Шалаш из обруча и ткани

Shelter from the Hoop and fabric

Please note that, this tent is suitable even for girls!

Idea # 5 – Tent of the ladder

Very simple, but at the same time, and a convenient tent can be made of ordinary step-ladders. The advantage of this tent is its mobility.

Шалаш из стремянки

Hut of the ladder

All you need, is to set the ladder in a suitable place and covered in bright cloth. Shala will be comfortable for the baby and can be used not only in the yard, but indoors.

Idea # 6 – Tent of tissue and Newspapers

Another creative idea for a hut in the country – design of newspaper tubes, covered with fabric.

This tent is easily, but has a significant drawback – if it is not time to hide in bad weather, a tent will quickly get soggy and break.

To build a tent out of newspaper You will need:

  • Many Newspapers
  • A large piece of cloth
  • Stapler
  • Broad Scotch

We offer to Your attention photo instructions for building a tent out of newspaper:

Построение шалаша из газеты

Build a tent out of newspaper

As You can see, it's pretty simple!

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