Children's tree house with his own hands: the tips on planning and building

Earlier we talked about the different elements of the Playground, such as sandbox, swing and land houses. But that's not all, what can ennoble the garden area and the Playground itself. In order, what would make a Playground truly fabulous, build a tree house with your hands and then your child will be the happiest in the world.
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Requirements for the tree house

Домик на дереве своими руками

A tree house with his own hands

From the tree, on which will be erected a house, depends on many things, the most important is the safety of children on the tree, the height of which can bring great harm to the health.

In order, that would not be unpleasant consequences, consider the following features of the unit in the tree house:

  1. Do not set the house on old or young trees, because. they are less durable and resilient (and the load is large, because the weight of the structure of the house and children is still quite large).
  2. Choose from the following types of trees: oak, maple, fir, ash. Should not be used for the construction of the house such trees, as: poplar, lime, chestnut, willow. The reason for the development of the root system, at last she weakly developed.
  3. Do not place the tree house, if the area has sandy soil.
  4. The diameter of the branches, which will keep the house, must be from 20 cm.
  5. It is prohibited to set the house on rotten branches or on weak areas (having cracks, a sharp narrowing of the diameter, etc.)
  6. It will be good, if the tree, on which to build a house, has a wide trunk with a powerful horizontally-placed branches, in this case there will be many points of support.
  7. If over the planned construction site of the house are weak branches, be sure to speel them, what would they not hurt the design of the house, if they break the wind.

Height of building a tree house

Данный домик является слишком высоким для ребенка

This house is too high for a child

Since tree house is primarily a place of danger, and the main reason for this – rather big height, need a responsible approach to the proper selection of the height of the house. Of course, it all depends on, how high is the ideal location of the house – a powerful horizontal branches, but it is not recommended to set the cabin at high altitude, because. the higher from the ground is the structure, the more it is exposed to wind gusts (and the design of the house is not so durable).

The optimum height of the tree house 1,5 -2 meter, so try to stick to these limits.

Material and tools for building a tree house with his own hands

При построении домика возьмите в компанию ребенка!

When building a house get in the company of a child!

Tools, that we need for the construction of the tree house, the following:

  • Hammer
  • Saw
  • Roulette
  • Hacksaw
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Building level
  • Sandpaper
  • Gon
  • Planer
  • Drill

For fixing all elements, it is recommended to use screws, screws or bolts, because. nails will not provide the desired quality of connection.

For the construction of the frame we need to choose the materials as low as possible weight, that would somehow ease the load on the tree. It is recommended to use plastic and wooden items, and siding, which is gaining popularity in recent years. If you decide to choose the wood, you must use the dried boards, first, it should be treated with antiseptic, which will protect the material from damage insects and rot.

How to plan a tree house

Чертеж домика на дереве

Drawing a tree house

The layout of the house is the same serious action, as the building. In order, to correctly design a house, you must follow these tips:
1. Before, how to draw a house project, take a picture of the tree from all possible angles in order, that would make the outline of the house that is in the photo.

2. Conditionally count number of children, at the same time which will be in the house

3. Consider, how many Windows will be in the building and whether they are necessary generally, perhaps it will be enough inlet

4. Choose the option to install house: with the help of spacers, on the branches, mount to a pole or on poles, dug into the ground

5. Decide on the furniture for the house, because. its weight must be taken into account

6. In any case, do not build a large house on a small tree, I think to explain this situation do not need

7. Choose the safest system of ascent/descent children, considering the fact, that she would not harm the life of the tree. For example, choosing between a hanging rope and planks, nailed to a tree, it is recommended to choose the first.

How to saddle a tree house with his own hands: manual tips

In order, that would make a tree house with their hands must be, first of all, choose the method of installation of the house: on stilts or fixing solely on the tree.

That would set the house on stilts (easier said artificial supports), need under a tree concreted support posts, they serve as wooden bruski section 100*100mm, when the mortar hardens, proceed to the next stage.

The supports are fastened to each other (tied) wooden frames and joists, then lay the floor (for this purpose, the sheets of plywood, thickness 2 cm). Between the trunk and the design of the house, you must leave some space for the unimpeded growth of the tree.

Very carefully treat the tree during installation of the house, if you strip off the bark of a tree, it eventually will die, and with it, created a house.

If you do decide to mount a house on the tree, it is recommended to collect the main part of the platform on the ground, because. on the tree it will be difficult to do. That would make the house more beautiful and functional, you can use the building balconies and verandas.

Once the design of the house will be built, necessary to carry out the sealing of joints and gaps, what would the inside did not get rain water, effective use of the sealant resin-based.

That's all, I would like to talk about building a tree house with his own hands. Suggest you the whole build process to carry out in the company of a child, what would he have explained his desires and from an early age aspired to the role of household guy:)

Photos ideas houses on the tree

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Make a tree house with his own hands!

Quickly, just, cheap!

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