The use of blackberries in the garden as fencing

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The benefits of the hedge of blackberries

BlackBerry is a hardy garden shrub, having thick branches with prickly shoots. The fruit of a shrub — berries, quite tasty and useful for human health.

Живая изгородь на дачном участке

The hedges at their summer cottage

The advantage is the hedge of BlackBerry is as follows:

  • The plant is suitable for temperate-continental climate, therefore, careful care BlackBerry does not require.
  • The cost of the BlackBerry is small and therefore the fence will cost much cheaper than brick fence either fence.
  • BlackBerry bushes can grow several feet up, what do a suburban area protected from prying eyes.
  • BlackBerry is a prickly shrub, so to get through the fence detractors will be extremely difficult.
  • The berries are very tasty and have useful properties. From BlackBerry you can cook the compote, the broth and cover the jam, that will make the multifunction fence.
  • Of blackberries can be done not only garden fence, but hedge in the area patio or on another area of the garden.

How to make a hedge of blackberries?

To create the hedge of blackberries we will need the support and wire.

As supports can come in of concrete or metal poles with a height from the ground from 2,5 meters (given the fact, that extra half a meter will be dug into the ground).

Recommended step installation of the supports should be about 3-4 meter. The wire should stretch from the bottom to the top with a step 20-25 cm. Instead of wire, you can also apply the metal mesh.

Опора под живую изгородь

Support for a hedge

After, as the frame fence is created, need to start planting seedlings plants.

The soil under the seedlings early to fertilize organic and mineral fertilizers. BlackBerry seedlings should be planted in increments 0,5-2 meters directly under the wire. When the blackberries will begin to grow, it's necessary to run the shoots between the wires and if I need to, tie up the plants.

After, as the plants grow to the top of the fence, it is necessary to send the end down to the ground, in this case, again, guiding the bushes between the wire.

Схема плетения ежевики

The weave pattern BlackBerry

Please note that, that the density of the weave of shrub will depend on the density of the fence, therefore, it is recommended to braid shoots tighter to each other. It should also be noted, that the entire length, the fence must be equally thick, otherwise, the hedge of BlackBerry will lose its attractiveness.

It is important to know, that pulp BlackBerry (rooting the tops) can be cut and planted next. For a short period of time rises a new hive and will complement hedge.

The care of hedges

As we have said, BlackBerry is a quite undemanding plant, but requires little care.

Ежевика садовая

BlackBerry garden

A year after planting the BlackBerry seedlings to fully grow and form a full hedge in the country. In the second and third year no care BlackBerry does not require, in addition to watering, feeding, and, of course, tying to the fence.

With the advent of the third year (in the spring) BlackBerry bushes need to be trimmed. Please note that, after circumcision escape in its place appear a few, more shoots, that make the hedge more dense.

When pruning shrubs it is recommended to protect your hands gloves, t. to. BlackBerry shoots are prickly and can hurt you. Pruning of shoots is best done with the help of a pruning shear with long handles or special hook.

To more clearly see the process of trellising and pruning BlackBerry you can in the given video example:

Care BlackBerry (trim and garter)

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To more clearly see the process of trellising and pruning BlackBerry you can in the given video example:

Care BlackBerry (trim and garter)

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