How to build an aviary for a dog with their hands?

The first beast, which you want to start in a private home, is a dog, performing the role of caretaker of the territory. In order, what would the dog's life was comfortable and supportive, need to buy an enclosure for the dog or do it yourself. Consider the basic requirements, which must be adhered to, creating this garden building.

Requirements for component elements of the enclosure for the dog

Требования к созданию комфортного вольера для собаки

Requirements to create a comfortable enclosure for your dog

1. The size of the enclosure. Accommodation for the dog should be comfortable, so the size should be selected on the basis of the dog's growth. For example, if the height of the withers of the animal is 50 cm, the cage area must be at least 6 sq. m., if the size of the dog will be 65 cm, the minimum area should be 8 sq. m., but if the height of the withers exceeds 65 cm, the enclosure must have an area of at least 10 sq. m.. These parameters relate to the dogs, which are in the aviary, around the clock. If you exercise daily walk with the pet, the cage area can be reduced by 1-2 sq. m..

Необходимая площадь вольера

The required area of the enclosure

2. Floors for dogs is necessary to make a slight slope in the direction of facade in order, what would the rain water does not stagnate in the locality of the dog. The material for the floor is often asphalt or concrete. The latter is easy to do with your hands. To avoid rheumatism paws pet, which occurs as a result of nastavenia concrete, you need to make a small wooden decking boards, dimensions not less than 2*2 meter.

3. Wall enclosure for the dog must be done from the metal grill, what would the animal could see the overall picture of the area and to inform the owners about the appearance of strangers in the gardening area. The grid should consist of pipes, to be sure to get rid of rust, primed, paint and securely welded to the frame. It is important to know, that the galvanized pipes will be harmful for the dog, a too thin metal pipe spoil your Pets teeth, because. it will be to chew on them. Bars need to do the front part of the enclosure, the other three walls to be boarded or slate, what would the dog was not under the constant influence of wind gusts.

4. The enclosure door must open inwards, what would the dog not knocked out. Make sure that the latch dog cage, otherwise the dog will be able to open it and endanger visitors at home.

5. Roof cage for dogs can be made of any existing roofing material: corrugated, slate, metal etc. Do not attempt to mount the roof with nails.

6. Kennel for dogs should be present in the aviary. Its purpose is to protect the dog from winter cold, heavy rain and strong winds.

Before creating the cage with their hands

Требования перед созданием вольера своими руками

Before creating the cage with their hands

  1. Do not save the place, but don't overdo it! Inside the enclosure there must be sufficient space for the habitat of dogs and at the same time not too much, because. the extra space will prevent a concentration of heat in the winter time and the dog will start to freeze.
  2. Create a box with a removable roof that would be convenient to clean the box and get the pet if he gets sick.
  3. The roof of the booth must be flat and with a slight slope, because often the dog is sitting on the roof, looking at all the garden area.
  4. Whatever roofing, it should have base boards for heat insulation.
  5. The walls of the booth to do of pine wood, because. it provides an optimum microclimate

Build an enclosure for the dog with their hands

Чертеж вольера для собаки

A drawing of a cage for dogs

The real owner of a private house should be able to create a garden built on their own. In order, that would create a cage for the dog with their hands, should be able to use welding machine and to have minimum skills in carpentry. As for the design of the enclosure, you can select it using the photo, which shaft on the Internet, and here is the step by step instruction of creating of the enclosure we will provide you with. So:

To begin, create a drawing of a cage for dogs, where you want to place all the necessary dimensions of the constituent elements. As mentioned earlier, the minimum size of the enclosure should be 2 on 4 meter (and better 2,5 m 6 m).

The length of the enclosure should be divided into 3 part: the first – winter or booth (1,5 m), second – the platform (1,5 m) and the third open area (not less than 1 m).

Proceed to the floors. The whole Foundation poured concrete, and then, the winter road and the pavement to cover the boards. If instead of winter set box – Board in this place do not need. The open surface is concrete.

Between the concrete Foundation and flooring of boards leave the airbag in the thickness 5 cm, to provide adequate ventilation (to do this, add the legs to the flooring). The booth presented the same requirement, therefore, it is convenient just to put on the bricks.

If you live in severe cold conditions, insulated wall box with double wall construction, the void between them fill with glass wool or other insulating material.

If your region is experiencing strong gusts of wind, abbate the outside of the booth windproof material.

The distance between the tubes of the cage shall be 5 cm, if the dog is small and 10 cm, if the dog is big.

When enclosure for the dogs to be ready, proceed with its installation. It is necessary that the location of the enclosure guaranteed a comfortable stay of your pet in summer and winter. It is recommended to install an enclosure for the dog on the Southeast side, because. the Northern part will bring a lot of snow in winter, and the southern heat in the summer.

Photos of the enclosures for dogs original performance

To expand your ideas about, what may be a dog cage, will provide you with a few photos of the original housing options for Pets:

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